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Press release May 31, 2010 IT

Laptop computers can be very frustrating when they go wrong. This is even the case with experienced computer users there are rarely very many serviceable parts within a laptop.

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Laptop computers can be very frustrating when they go wrong. This is even the case with experienced computer users, because there are rarely very many serviceable parts within a laptop. In many cases, your only choice will be to send your computer into a service centre to get it repaired. Even if you have enough experience to carry out laptop computer repairs yourself, getting the parts can be difficult, if not impossible. Things such as motherboard replacements, graphics cards and processor replacements for laptops are rarely readily available, and in many cases even if you can get them, they are still difficult to find and normally available only on online auction sites, often at quite high prices. 

However, laptop computer repair does not have to be as complicated as it sounds, and with the help of your local computer service and repair centre, you should be able to get your computer running like new again in a short turnaround time. This will save a lot of hassle, and will help to ensure good results. Getting involved in laptop computer repair yourself, you risk voiding the warranty in many cases. Depending on where you got your computer from and the terms and conditions of the warranty, in some cases, simply taking the case of the back of your laptop is enough to void the warranty.

The problem with laptop computers is that everything is integrated. Vital system components are often soldered into the main-board, and certain components are designed specifically for that machine. You simply cannot replace a laptop motherboard and various other components as you can with a desktop computer. This is because these components are designed for that specific machine, designed to fit and work together in a certain configuration.

Laptop computer repair is rarely impossible, however. In fact, in the right hands of experienced computer technicians, who have the right tools and knowledge at their disposal, most problems can be fixed quickly, cheaply and easily. In most laptops, all of the components are replaceable, and unless literally everything in your computer is broken, it should be a lot more cost effective to fix the problem than to buy a new machine.

Sometimes laptop computer repairs can be extremely simple. In many cases, they simply get clogged up with dust, which causes them to overheat and stop working at regular intervals. In worst case scenarios, your machine might not even start up at all, and again, this may well be due to overheating caused by dust build-up inside the machine.

Fixing this is just a matter of taking the computer apart, cleaning it out with a can of compressed air, applying new thermal paste to the processor base and then putting the machine back together again. However, this is not something that will make a lot of sense to the average computer user, and while it is a quick, cheap and easy job for an experienced technician to perform, it is certainly not something that most users should be attempting themselves.

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