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Press release June 1, 2010 IT

Averatec is a very famous company but has mainly established itself in South Korea. It started its journey from that country and till date has been known for its hardware

Averatec is a very famous company but has mainly established itself in South Korea. It started its journey from that country and till date has been known for its hardware. All the laptops produced by this brand are made in Taiwan. It was originally founded in Orange Country, California as Sotec but was bought by a South Korean Company called as TG Sambo. Earlier it only promoted cheap desktops but from 2000 onwards, it started producing laptops on a large scale. In 2004 it had a growth rate of about 360% and it over took one of the leading brands in laptops which Sony. Our Averatec notebook repairservices can help many of the customers who may be lost with technical failures and may not know what exactly needs to be fixed.

When you buy a laptop there is no absolute guarantee that it will have to be repaired at least once during its term. But all of us are not well aware of the proper maintenance that a laptop requires, the precautions that have to be taken while handling the laptop are also ignored by many. People believe that a laptop normally lasts for 3 to 4 years and if after that it shows any problems, and then the best thing to do is to sell it off or throw it with the other junk. But with our Averatec notebook repairservices, you will not only be able to maintain your notebooks for longer durations of time, but also in perfectly working condition, and in reasonable amount of investment in servicing and maintenance. We, at Innovative IT specialize in providing Averatec notebook repair, servicing and solutions with regard to different types of problems that may arise with a computer system.So if you have purchased an Averatec notebook, then we will be able to help you with Averatec notebook repairand other types of services, all customized as per your requirements, brought to you at reasonable rates.

Innovative IT works towards providing solutions for repairs, upgrades and more. The following are a few small examples of the endless number of services that we provide, from specific to generic.

Averatec Notebook Repair for Power Related Problems

  • The kinds of services that are available through us involve solutions to each and every problem that your computer may face. We provide solutions for the most common types of problems as well such as power related problems.
  • If power related problems are not reported at once and if your Averatec notebook repairis not done for it immediately, it may lead to further damage to your power related parts or your hard disk. Damages to the hard disk are caused but do not have results immediately; but in the long run, they may cause several issues and the number and then your hard disk may get damaged irreversibly.

Averatec Notebook Repair for Graphics Card or Video Card

  • Although it may not be possible to remove and replace a graphics/video card in most cases, our experts can give you alternative solutions if you find out that the same is not functioning well.
  • Graphic cards, in most computers, are actually chips that are attached to the motherboards by soldering them. Therefore, it is not recommended that one replaces them. This is because the new one you place may or may not be compatible with the motherboard. This means that there could be problems with your motherboard due to that, which you would want to avoid.

Adding a USB Bluetooth Module

  • The Bluetooth is one of the more useful services ever invented; it gives a choice wireless transferring between two machines at a considerably good speed. This requires installation of certain external devices and can be carried out with some technical assistance. The services that Innovative IT provides including solutions with these and our technical experts would be able to help you out with these upgrades and additions. They require technical accuracy and cannot be carried out by laymen. During Averatec notebook repair,one might notice that the device manger claims to have 3 USB ports but on the notebook you can only find two. The missing feature of AV1050 is the Bluetooth.

Keyboard repair

  • You might require an Averatec notebook repairfor many reasons. Quite often, keyboards may deteriorate in terms of quality over a period of time. Also, if one drops sticky material or eatables on it, then there may be a requirement of opening it and cleaning it.
  • Now since the membrane is not in one huge piece like a desktop keyboard, it might sometimes be a good idea to replace it. Also sometimes, all you need to replace is the silicon membrane. Although these parts are hard to find in isolation, we at Innovative IT, work at bringing solutions to you that are cost effective as well as perfectly viable. Our aim is to make your Averatec notebook repairas smooth and hassle-free and at the same time, as inexpensive as possible.
  • A number of keyboard repairs and custom keyboards can be made for costs lower than market rates for slim keyboards. We would be able to help you with such replacements and repairs or modifications. 

At the end of the day, with the right technical prowess, the right investments and the right quality of services, it is not the most difficult thing to get problems fixed that may seem quite annoying to the end user. Our services are not limited to companies only, but also to individual users and bulk users such as homes or offices respectively. For every technical problem you may face, we send our certified and skilled professionals in duration of less than two hours for areas in London and immediately around it. Also, we provide off site service, wherein your portable computer is brought to a different location (which is to our workstation) in central London. We carry out the Averatec notebook repairor servicing here, only if it is impossible to carry it out right on site.   
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