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Local shops can play the 'giants' at their own game

Press release July 1, 2008

New website encourages small, independent traders to get on the web and push their products ...

Your local shop 800 full

Take a tip from the supermarkets

Village shops and local traders have been under threat from the supermarket giants for years as slowly but surely, the 'big boys' move in and take the lion's share of business.

How can a small shop possibly compete with a supermarket's international suppliers, bulk buying capacity, massive advertising budgets and inernet delivery services?

One solution is to play them at their own game, and get on the web! gives small shops their www is the new website for people who run small, local shops or post offices.

It offers small, independent shops a chance to get a web listing for free, saving on costly web designers and the need for technical knowledge.

This website is ideal for:

  • Small, independent shopkeepers
  • People thinking of starting a small community shop
  • Shoppers who are passionate about the importance of small, independent traders
  • People looking for a local shop in their area

There's a wide range of resources for shopkeepers including 'Shop Talk' a forum for shopkeepers to get together online, exchange ideas and tips and help each other out. launched at the beginning of June 2008 and is now open for business. ... putting local shops on the web!

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