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Local Children Get Educated By Burnley Logistics Company

Press release March 26, 2013 Education

When Jenna Tattersall Managing Director was approached by a local Burnley School, asking her to become a business mentor to their students, she jumped at the opportunity.

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When Managing Director of First European Logistics, Jenna Tattersall was asked to volunteer to be a business mentor to St Johns Thursby School students, she had no hesitation in taking up on the opportunity. Jenna has many years experience of business, so it is no surprise that the local Burnley School would look to her to share her wealth of knowledge.

Jenna said “I was flattered at first but soon realised the importance that my role was going to play in supporting our younger generation in their future employment" to support our younger generation in getting experience of working within a real working environment and let them see the real challenges they will face in employment”

Jenna founder of the Burnley Logistics Company has a wealth of knowledge of shipping goods throughout the UK and Europe however, her background is sales and therefore her first assignment was Nathan King, a student interested in a career in sales.  

Jenna told us "Nathan had no interest in continuing his education at college or university, he had a clear goal that he wanted to build his sales career in a working environment.  Over the past few months I have been working with him to build on his strengths, developing his knowledge of the process of gaining employment and the realities of working within a sales environment".

Since Jenna commenced her mentoring with Nathan, she has given him the encouragement to apply for a part-time job in a local convenience store; where he now works two days a week after school.

As a Managing Director, Jenna regularly has CV's landing on her desk so she understands the importance of makng a good first impression; which is a professional CV, so she has supported Nathan in producing a CV that reflects professionalism and maturity. 

Jenna visits Nathan at St Johns Thursby's every 3 weeks for a one hour mentoring session, she revealed “I have to say that working with Nathan over the past few months has built up my own confidence as well as his, I am really proud of what we have achieved together".

Nathan has made so much of a good impression on Jenna, that this week Nathan has joined First European Logistics for two weeks on work experience. Jenna told us "Within this role he will be able to build on what he has already learnt and gain the knowledge of working within a busy office environment" 

Jenna has not only helped Nathan; her good work has continued this week by carrying out dummy interviews with the schools year 11 students, giving them a valuable insight in to what is required in working life. 

We never know we may see Nathan or any of the other students following in Jenna's footsteps and choosing a career in Logistics.