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Light Tape - A fresh approach to Edge Lit Acrylic Signs

Press release January 18, 2009 Business

Edge Lit Acrylic Signs have traditionally been illuminated with bulky fluorescent tubes which limited their application and were expensive to run and maintain. Now with Light Tape you can produce stunning edge lit acrylics and have the viewers asking "where is the light coming from?"

Edge Lit Wi Fi Green Lights off

Light Tape's flexibility and ultra thin profile mean it can be adhered to the edges of an acrylic sign allowing the Light Tape to flood the acrylic sheet with light, any text, logo or shape engraved into the surface of the acrylic is instantly illuminated producing a stunning effect.

Also, because the light Tape can be fixed to all sides of the acrylic the light is contained within the sheet concentrating the effect and not spilling out on the bottom and sides like the traditional methods of illumination.

Light Tape is available in a wide range of colours and widths go to: 

Light Tape is not limited to square or oblong panels ether, it can light circles, ovals and complex shapes just as easily.

Light Tape is also becoming popular as a source to edge light acrylic shelves in retail stores.

Light Tape with its wealth of benefits, versatility, ease of application, cost effectiveness and extremely low carbon footprint is fast becoming the chosen, viable alternative to more traditional forms of display lighting.

What is Light Tape?

Light Tape is made up of metal ribbon coated in Sylvania phosphor and encapsulated in a Honeywell laminate. Light Tape has no glass, no gas, and no mercury/heavy metals and so is user and environment friendly.

Light tape provides an 85% - 90% energy saving against other commercially available light sources such as Neon and Cold Cathode. Light Tape uses 1 Watt per Meter at 25mm (1") wide, a 100m length of 25mm wide Light Tape only uses the same power as a 100w light bulb.

Due to its ultrathin profile of less than 1mm Light Tape provides a neater, modern, space saving alterative that is easy to install with little to no maintenance and has a long working life of up to 40,000 hours. For further information go to:

Development kits for Light Tape enabling systems to be easily developed, tried and tested are now available from Light Tape UK which operates with full sales and marketing capabilities, as well as warehousing to enable fast delivery from stock. Light Tape UK will also provide full back-up and support as well as advice and assistance in system design and requirements.