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Lifft™ Slings takes revolutionary baby carrier to Earl’s Court Baby Show, London.

Press release October 13, 2009 Family

Lifft™ Slings will be exhibiting its revolutionary range of baby carriers, scientifically proven to improve posture, at the Earls Court Baby Show in London.

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The new range of baby slings from Lifft™ will be available at this year’s Baby Show at Earls Court, London, the one –stop-shop that offers expert advice, unbeatable shopping and fabulous entertainment, from Friday16th- Sunday 18th October 2009. 

Lifft™ Slings( know that choosing the right sling not only keeps baby close, but can help support parents’ spines and backs, by helping them carry the baby in the best way possible, to help avoid any permanent effects. The Lifft™ baby sling is believed to be the only sling scientifically proven to improve posture whilst carrying a baby. 

Founder and Managing Director Louise Day said: “I love taking my range of baby slings( ) to baby shows, as it gives new mums, and mums-to-be the opportunity to try the slings for themselves before buying. A sling is such an important purchase as it’s the one thing mums tend to use day after day to keep their baby close and safe.

“Baby slings have become more and more popular, so there are more to choose from now than ever before. This is why it is important to bring my slings to events like The Baby Show, as it gives me a chance to demonstrate to new mums all the benefits of a Lifft™ baby sling.”

Up to 83% of women experience some kind of back ache during pregnancy, ( ) which can continue once the baby is born.  Therefore another major benefit of the Lifft Sling is the independent research undertaken by the Biomechanical Department of the University of Central Lancashire, which found that the Lifft™ baby sling can improve posture, by helping parents to carry the baby at their centre of gravity and encouraging them to stand up straight.  Also, it doesn't place any pressure on a baby's developing spine, keeping them in the recommended carrying position.

With at least five alternative ways to wear the Lifft™ sling, this buckle/clasp free sling is great for newborn babies through toddlerhood to three year olds weighing up to 35lbs. With three different colour combinations to choose from, and sizes from 6 through to 22 (not forgetting S, M and L sizes for new dads too), the Lifft™ baby sling is fast becoming the must-have accessory for every new parent.

About Lifft™ Slings: The Lifft™ Sling has been exclusively designed to offer you and your baby supreme levels of comfort and style, and that is so very easy to use. The range has been beautifully designed to ensure that the carrying positions of your baby are natural – the sling mimics how you would carry your baby in your arms.  Whilst in the Lifft™ Sling your baby can always see your face, hear your voice and your heartbeat and feel swaddled and secure.  Lifft™ Slings will be exhibiting on the Bras4Mums stand at The Baby Show. They are available to buy from stockists nationwide in the UK and you can buy baby slings online ( )  from the Lifft website.