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Leading Personal Training Specialists Launch Nationwide Brand

Press release December 26, 2012 Health

My Home Trainer In New Bid To Get The Nation Fit With Far-Reaching Campaign

The target is a bold one, but if anyone can do it My Home Trainer (MHT) can. Getting people fit within six weeks is the claim, but judging by their record and vast rise across the UK as a leading purveyor of personal training, those claims are not merely hot air; they are actually proven, time and again.

“If people really want to totally transform their life or rediscover a sense of well-being or forgotten feelings of energy and confidence, then all that can be achieved simply by using a My Home Personal Trainer,” says Craig Tye, Director of MHT.

MHT offer unique and exclusive Mobile personal trainer to suit an individual’s work/life balance and its personal training and fitness experts operate all over the UK (Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, and Sheffield to name but a few).

“This is people’s opportunity to access the kind of personal coaching that was once only available to athletes,” says Craig.“Our Personal trainers design bespoke programmes of integrated mind/body training which will positively empower everything people tackle in their day to day life. And we can do all that in just 6 weeks.”

The MHT package includes:

ü  6 Week Training Programme

ü  Free Full Body Assessment

ü  Free Nutrition Plan

ü  Fitness Plan

And people can even split the cost if they choose to train with a friend.

“Using a personal trainingprogramme offers everything people need to achieve their goals,” says Craig. “No matter what stage they are at or particular aims they hold, personal training can ensure they maintain motivation which is absolutely vital for long term success. It also offers direction and perhaps most importantly people all over the UK will experience tangible results which speak for themselves; it’s not just about learning to use gym equipment.”

A personal trainer can advise on every aspect of nutrition counselling, sport specific coaching and agility training. More importantly the concept of personal training is exactly that; it is always tailored to suit each person as an individual.

Not only this, but mobile personal trainers can work with people outside the confines of a gym and if they want to begin their regime at home that’s great too. A programme can be designed to work in someone’s sitting room, local park or even the beach so there’s no intimidation from the super fit or super slim in front of a massive gym mirror, especially when they start a fitness regime.

“Personal Trainers are now a way of life for many people,” Craig adds. “They are not just for celebrities, athletes or the super-rich. The secrets to achieving a toned body are available to everyone and there are many powerful reasons why you should consider hiring a personal trainer.”

About My Home Trainer:

My Home Trainer provides Personal Trainers and Fitness Experts anywhere the UK. Whatever an individual’s requirement, MHT will provide them with a highly qualified, motivated Personal Trainer in their local area to help them regain a sense of wellbeing that will transform their life.


Telephone: 0800 228 9239

Email: [email protected]