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Leading Personal Trainers Issue Call for Public Safety This Winter

Press release January 25, 2013 Health

My Home Trainer Pleads for Common Sense Considerations

Leading personal fitness instructors at My Home Trainerhave issued a warning to the people of the UK this week not to become complacent as the wintery weather takes its annual grip over Britain. Doctors’ surgeries and hospitals are already being inundated with individuals, groups and even families that have failed to take simple common-sense precautions while keeping active in the cold.

My Home Trainer has opened its doors to offer professional and fully tailored advice for anyone looking to keep fit and healthy during the icy snap, without putting their health and wellbeing at risk.

Achieving the Balance

“MHT offers unique and exclusive Mobile Personal Trainers to suit your own work/life balance and its personal training and fitness experts operate all over the UK.” – My Home Trainer

The beauty of the Mobile personal trainer is the way in which they make it effortlessly simple to fit a fully tailored and optimised winter workout regime in with even the most hectic of lifestyles. Remove the journey to the gym from the equation and not only do you eliminate the need to brave the elements, but also increase motivation to exercise ten-fold.

This is particularly so in the winter months when setting so much as a single foot outside can be a hazard in its own right, though thousands continue their daily routines as if nothing has changed and stand a rather weighty chance of coming a cropper.

No Excuses

“Now is the right time to fulfill your promise to hire a personal trainer who will ensure you achieve your total physical and mental makeover, starting right here, right now!” – My Home Trainer

Mobile personal trainers argue that just as there is no excuse for putting your health and safety at risk exercising over the winter months, there is also no excuse for not exercising at all. Even the tightest of budgets can stretch to period involvement of an expert trainer or at least a couple of consultations to get started on the right track.

And when compared to the tens of millions of pounds wasted every winter in lapsed and neglected gym memberships, a package from My Home Trainer is quite frankly a steal.

About My Home Trainer:

My Home Trainer comprises a team of the UK’s most experienced and innovative personal trainers, who between them are able to cover the needs of each and every client and customer like no other service on the market. The group prides itself on unrivalled flexibility and offers uniquely tailored packages to work with the abilities, schedules and budgets of the client – never the other way round. See for further details and inspiration.