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Leading E-cig Manufacturer Warns: Beware Cheap Imitations

Press release March 30, 2010 Health

The makers of the world’s most popular e-cigarette have warned consumers against the rising number of cheap imitations of the product.

SmokeStik spoke out after seeing a sharp rise in inferior, less durable imitations, manufactured in China.

SmokeStiks are the high quality electric cigarettes which have conquered America and are beloved by Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton and Britney.

They provide smokers with their nicotine hit without the tobacco – making them a much healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes, plus they aren’t restricted by the smoking ban so they can be enjoyed anywhere.

But it’s understood the success of SmokeStiks has led to a flood of inferior copy-cat products which aren’t made by SmokeStik and are of nowhere near the same quality.

The makers of these copycat products have attempted to cash in on the phenomenal celebrity backing of SmokeStiks – even though they are in no way associated with the product.

A spokesperson for SmokeStik warned the public should be wary of cheap electric cigarettes from China, which aren’t manufactured to the same high standards, and simply don't last long before failing.

They said: “There are numerous cheap electronic cigarettes out there which aren’t SmokeStiks and aren’t allowed to call themselves SmokeStiks.

“When you're using something on a regular basis, you simply want it to work. SmokeStiks do.  That's the reason we have so many high-profile fans.”

SmokeStiks are available online at .


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