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Lambert Engineering Ltd: Your Company Of Choice For Specialist Machine Builder Services

Press release January 14, 2019

Lambert Engineering Ltd is your company of choice if you need specialist machines built for your business.

Lambert Engineering Ltd (, a globally recognised machine build specialist, is glad to offer top-class specialist machine builder services to product manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) alike. With these services, clients can be assured of having fully-functional machines that are well worth the money.

Special purpose machine builders UK based are known for their expertise in advising about the design, installation and maintenance of various pieces of equipment. And because not all manufacturing organisations can afford the time and knowledge to work on these things, this is where Lambert Engineering Ltd comes in. According to this company, “With over 40 years of automation machinery build experience, Lambert Engineering Ltd’s team of specialists manufacture, assemble and commission customer designed Production Equipment, delivery on time and exactly to specification”.

If clients are worried about the ever-changing machine process requirements due to new technology or product design, this machine build company are staffed with professionals who can look after these things. They are capable of repurposing and upgrading industrial equipment to ensure functionality and cost-efficiency at all times. In addition to this, they also have well-trained technical and design teams who can help in complying with safety standards and manufacturing of complex production equipment.

Having been in the machine build industry for many years, Lambert Engineering Ltd has gained relevant experiences in working with different sectors. These include medical and food industry, energy generation and storage, and more. Their team can likewise work on machine assemblies that can produce different volumes of products including but not limited to grooming items, sanitary wear, hygiene tablets and battery technologies.

Furthermore, businesses who are interested in working with this machine build specialist will be glad to know that the company has received several awards for their work. They have been recognised in the aspects of leadership and strategy, sustainable manufacturing, innovation and design, and numerous others. This only means that clients can only expect first-class products, services and after sales support from this company.

Aside from offering specialist machine builder services, Lambert Engineering Ltd also excels in the area of automation systems, serving clients across the UK, USA and Asia. To know more about this company and the complete range of services they have on offer, kindly check their website at

About Lambert Engineering Ltd

Lambert Engineering Ltd is your company of choice if you need specialist machines built for your business. Regardless if it’s a piece of equipment suitable for medical purposes, food production, packaging, or energy storage, this company has the right people who can accommodate your exact needs. If you are interested in how exactly they can help you with your machine building needs, go to for more details. To speak with someone directly, you may call +44 1937 832921. Alternatively, you can send them an email at should you have written enquiries or other concerns.



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