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Label doming machine manufacturer, Liquid Lens, launch Quartz, the fully-automated domed label production system

Press release September 17, 2010 Business

Liquid Lens is a leading global manufacturer of high quality, resin label doming machines and consumables. Applications for Liquid Lens label doming technology include promotional product branding, security identification, point-of-sale, jewellery and gifts.

Internationally renowned, label doming machine and consumables manufacturer, Liquid Lens, is delighted to announce the launch of the new Quartz series, fully automated domed label production systems, for medium to high volume throughput.

Developed over a two year period and in close partnership with resin dispensing experts, Demak Engineering, the cartridge based Quartz doming machine series provide clean, easy set-up, 2,4,6 way dispensing, 50 tray storage and fast curing.

Commenting on the introduction of the new Quartz doming machines, Liquid Lens, CEO, Steve Hasti says, “the new quartz series positions Liquid Lens as the widest, breath of range provider for manual, semi-automatic and full- automatic domed label production.

Steve adds, “in addition to the new Quartz series machines, our entry level doming systems include Gem and Pearl, for manual short run label production and Opal, our intermediate semi-automated desktop machine for rapid medium sized production runs.

The complete range of Liquid Lens doming systems use multi-use, re-sealable resin cartridges, all with 9 months guaranteed shelf life.

What’s more, Liquid Lens doming machines are supported through a global network of distributors able to provide training, technical support and locally stocked consumables and doming materials.

Applications for Liquid Lens technology include promotional product branding, security identification, 3D signage, point-of-sale, trophies, awards, crafts, jewellery and gifts. Clear, high quality polyurethane resin when applied to a flat, non-porous surface completely transforms both the appearance and perceived value of a product. The resin also protects against UV exposure, abrasion and chemical contamination.

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