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Kurtinz Tops Other Companies In Offering High Quality Made To Measure Curtains For Low Prices

Press release April 11, 2013

Kurtinz tops other companies in providing high quality made to measure curtains for a very affordable price.

Kurtinz tops other companies in providing high quality made to measure curtains for a very affordable price. People will also keep their money from blowing because this online store provides free delivery alongside free samples of fabrics.

Established in 2004, Kurtinz continues to reinvent itself when talking about blinds, curtains and other soft furnishings. Currently, it has become the best provider of designer fabrics for every homeowner who wants to enhance the way your home looks. With its made to measure and readymade home furnishings, clients will never have any problems. People who are interested in keeping their home in its best shape should seek help from Kurtinz.

Offering low prices as much as possible is one of the main-selling features of Kurtinz. It is likewise one of the many reasons why it became popular to clients. They offer unparalleled services alongside great price range that will not deal a big blow to clients’ pocket. Though their products are indeed affordable, quality is likewise taken into account. Expect high quality fabrics in their custom-made curtains. Other stores cannot do what Kurtinz is currently offering.

There are different ways to keep a home as presentable as possible, and only Kurtinz knows how to handle each customer successfully. This online store has many years of expertise with interior design and have helped thousands of satisfied customers in selecting the best made to measure soft furnishings at home. As a result of continuous support of clients and the ever-growing community they cater to, Kurtinz has won the hearts and appreciation of many people opting for soft furnishings at home.

Moreover, only few online stores provide free shipping for clients. As a company that is based in the UK, Kurtinz offers free delivery for its UK customers. This factor can give each of their clients the chance to receive the curtains they want right at their doorsteps. International clients, on the other hand, can seek for free samples of fabrics. Kurtinz let international clients receive sample fabrics so they can determine firsthand if these fabrics are ideal for their home.

What is the world’s top provider of soft furnishings if it does not have a wide selection of fabrics? To date, Kurtinz has 15,250 fabrics to choose from. All these fabrics are carefully sourced from leading designers. It can provide peace of mind for all clients that Kurtinz is an all around service that offers soft furnishings at home. As a leading provider of curtains, Kurtinz currently has 30% discount off all made to measure items. Shoppers are encouraged to take advantage of this promo while it lasts. Now is the very best time to purchase curtains made to measure as clients can get the best deals out of Kurtinz already affordable deals.

About Kurtinz:

Kurtinz is UK’s leading supplier of fabrics with a main goal of offering made to measure curtains and roman blinds for all clients. Nowadays, it tops all other services in terms of offering high quality curtains and other soft furnishings for just a fraction of the cost. It also offers free delivery within the UK and free sample of fabrics for international clients.



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