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Kerching invites you to climb the 100,000 Pyramid

Press release January 18, 2011 IT

100,000 Pyramid is the sequel to the long-running title 50,000 Pyramid. It boasts an even bigger jackpot, updated visuals and the same legendary bonus game.

The sequel to 50,000 Pyramid is finally here.

As the name suggests, Kerching online casino's 100,000 Pyramid offers a headline-grabbing payout twice the size of its predecessor.

However, there is so much more to this superb online slots sequel than just a bigger jackpot.

On 100,000 Pyramid, for example, it is no longer the case that you need to play at maximum bet simply to qualify for the top prize.

This exciting casino game has also introduced a host of updated prize pictures on the reels, including LCD TVs, digital cameras and cutting-edge sports cars.

Thankfully, not everything has changed; it just wouldn't be Pyramid slots without a brilliant re-enactment of the original game show.

Sure enough, the 100,000 Pyramid bonus game is incredibly good fun, giving players the chance to climb a pyramid filled with tantalising multipliers and free spins.

Just three Winner's Circle bonus symbols anywhere on the reels are all it takes to access this iconic special feature.

And casino fans can rest assured that the reels on this Pyramid slots bonus game remain even more lucrative than on the main game.

Here at Kerching, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of titles that give players the chance to live out their dreams on some legendary US game shows.

As well as Pyramid slots, our members can have a go on Jeopardy slots, which take their cue from the Merv Griffin classic of the same name.

Or they can try another Merv Griffin success story in the form of Wheel of Fortune slots.

What's more, all of these titles are available in both paid and free slots modes.