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Kensington Personal Trainers Offer Unparalleled Fitness Opportunities

Press release January 15, 2013 Health

“Tremendous Green Spaces Are Just Crying Out For Enthusiastic Souls,” Says Lifestyle Guru Tim Hayes

Whether people need to prepare for an event, lose weight, tone or generally improve their fitness there can be no better place to source their very own personal trainer than in Kensington, says Tim Hayes of Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness.

And it would be very hard to disagree. Anyone working or living anywhere near Kensington are certainly blessed with tremendous green spaces just crying out for enthusiastic souls who are looking for Clapham Common Personal Trainers.

“Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Holland Park and the Royal Hospital Chelsea all offer tree lined spaces to train while communing with nature,” says Tim. “In fact you could call it a buy one get one free offer! It certainly beats watching TV on a treadmill.”

A Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness Trainer is a movement specialist. Essentially meaning, they hold advanced qualifications in functional performance and are trained in the assessment of their client's movement. This means they can give clients the body they want - injury and pain free.

“But people needn’t worry,” adds Tim,“we won’t give anyone a lesson in biomechanics (unless they want one) the sessions are fun, varied, and get the results they have asked for, in the correct way.”

Tim Hayes has mobile trainers all over London, including wimbledon Personal Trainers, who act as all-round mentors, putting together a bespoke training schedule which will stretch but support the progress of the individual every step of the way. If personal training in Kensington is what you need, do not wait any longer, the quicker you begin, the easier it will seem.

“'Functional movement' has become a buzz word in the fitness industry,” says Tim“and I hear it used more and more by personal fitness trainers. But, what does it actually mean and what are the benefits?”

Well, says Tim, who has clapham common personal trainers too, the term 'functional' is most aptly defined in the dictionary as having or serving a utilitarian purpose; capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed: functional architecture; a chair that is functional as well as decorative.

“I like the example of the chair being decorative as well as functional, I think it’s a good parallel to how most people approach fitness today. What I mean is, many of us aspire to be more decorative than functional in our approach to fitness. Even in the case where we want both; most of us have no idea how to go about it or what it means.”

The truth is, according to Tim, that we all want a good body that makes us feel confident.

“The reality,” he says,“is that most people primarily train for aesthetics, with fitness and general well-being a secondary aim. For instance, if you ever have been at an induction for a gym, the trainer will probably have spent most of the time showing you how to use the machine weights, and possibly a few free weight exercises.

“I am sorry to say that all machine weight exercises are not functional. This is because they do not allow your body to move in multiple planes of motion as it would in an everyday environment.”

There are 3 planes of motion: Sagittal – movements from front to back such as a bicep curl; Frontal – movements from side to side such as a side leg raise; and Horizontal – rotational movements such as a rolling the hips.

Tim was watching a trainer recently coaching his client how to do a squat correctly - chest up shoulders back knees straight.

“Have you ever squatted in that position in your everyday life?” says Tim.

Sure, he adds, we're all well versed in health and safety telling us to pick stuff up with a straight back and bending through the knees.

“This is the ideal, but it’s not practical,” Tim says.“This lifting technique seldom if ever occurs in real life. Time and time again people's backs and joints give way when lifting something heavy out of a car boot or picking up a child quickly.”

So why don't we train our bodies for such movements? Tim asks, for this this is what functional movement is about.

“Quite simply it is training your body to move functionally in accordance to your lifestyle. For instance if you are a football player you need to be trained in dynamic movements; mimicking the movements you experience during a game. On the other hand if you are a mum, being trained in the movements needed when picking up your child would be more beneficial.”

In conclusion, being aesthetically fit is great, but you won’t look very sexy with a bad back or trashed knees. Employing a personal trainerkensington that has the right qualifications in functional performance and who can give you the body you want, whilst also keeping you injury and pain free, is a priority.

About Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness:

Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness offers London’s top personal training experience, with an emphasis on meeting you ‘where you’re at’, both physically and geographically. Their highly qualified Personal Trainers bring you their expert knowledge and skills, to help you achieve your fitness objectives wherever and whenever you choose.

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