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Press release May 6, 2010 Public

GPS or INTERNET? If you are planning on directing people of any age, who have searched a GPS device, to a specific address then the correct guidelines are now being put in place by GPSLocals to ensure user safety and updated listings. There is a far greater responsibility here when you start to think in which direction GPS might be sending OUR children and vulnerable family members?

Every decade has its own take and new version of things from the previous decade. Just as telex replaced posting a letter, fax replaced telex and the revolution that was the internet. I say, “WAS” the internet, because all the problems currently associated with the internet, will not be duplicated on the new GPS searchable database.

Thanks to Bill Clinton, nearly 10 years ago to the day, The President of the USA “opened a doorway” which ultimately resulted in us ALL having access to GPS. The only problem now is the internet companies, in a panic, want to monopolize on the situation and duplicate all of THEIR problems and broadcast them via GPS.

GPS really is a fabulous opportunity and offers exciting times ahead, but personally I think to broadcast, via GPS, the current Internet listings is ridiculously dangerous and irresponsible, however, I believe it is more a point "overlooked" than a genuine disregard for child safety (I hope) – either way, let us avoid any potential repeats of the current Internet dangers by starting afresh, like a new WORLD Yellow Pages, but only costing 10 Euros to be listed.

Berg-Insight reports; Global shipments of GPS-enabled handsets increased by 92% in 2009 to 150 million units and further forecasted to reach 770 million units in 2014.
This clearly states to business owners that more and more customers are, or will be, using GPS for Search Results.

GPSLocals offers a facility for businesses around the world to take advantage in this new era of “GPS Search Marketing” and list for an annual fee of 10 Euros.

GPSLocals Chairman Paul Manning; This is not just another commercial venture, I think everyone would understand the potential problems if we do not start a fresh with a new set of listings. Yes the marketing advantages are worth far more than just 10 Euros and yes you could charge a much higher fee, but for us all to have a valuable service that is maintained and constantly updated, whilst being checked, and confirmed, benefits everyone in the long term.

Imagine search results that didn’t need anti virus because the details have been screened before upload?
Your search results have been checked, validated and confirmed before you find them.
No “out of date” listings that are ten years old.
NO manipulated listings.
NO Spam, Porn or Viruses.
You get the results of exactly what you are looking for.
One result per unique business, not thousands of listings for the same company.
The results are listed in distance order from your location.
Results can be searched by name, brand or category.

And you can now have all this in the palm of your hand on your SmartPhone or on your dashboard for FREE.

Using the advice of Sir Tim (the Internet inventor).
Learning from the errors made over the last decade by Internet companies.
Listening to users problems about current Internet Search Engine results.
Taking into consideration Child Safety.
Using the latest technology and combining it with consumer and user trends. 

We are proud to be and offer you all this, and more.

The place you are seeking wants to be found!
The establishment is still in business!
They have been checked and confirmed!
They have paid a small traceable fee!
They have been verified via various different methods!

If you have an establishment that wants to be found by GPS users then get listed at
If you want to use a GPS device make sure you use GPSLocals listings.

Join the GPS revolution - Get guided by morals, not money.