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Jones and Jones Unveils Revamped Online Store for UK and International Markets

Press release March 14, 2013 Fashion

Critics’ Brand to Watch in 2013 Steps Up Offensive on Both Sides of the Atlantic


Still celebrating one of the most successful years in the history of the brand, Jones and Jones has this week lifted the lid on an all-new online store to further the growing fashion name’s international reach. Throughout 2012, some of the most influential figures on both sides of the Atlantic were seen proudly sporting Jones and Jones creations, setting off a chain reaction that saw the girls’ reputations go viral.

As of right now, the new online resource is presenting some of the most exquisite and 100% unique designs in the history of Jones and Jones, beginning a 2013 campaign that’s likely to end in global fame for the dedicated design terms.

Unique Influence

“It's a feminine, sexy, inspired mix of design from the 40’s and 50’s jet set with its own quirky, modern twist and a great mix of fabrics and tailoring.” - Jones and Jones


There’s no secret to the success of the girls behind Jones and Jones – it is simply a case of a unique combination of influences that makes every single design a true work of art. By taking stunning vintage French going out dresses for example and melding their traits with stunning 40s style womens dresses from the UK fashion scene, the result is a true one-off the likes of which has to be seen to be believed.

What’s more, the girls at Jones and Jones also share a passion for real people and accessible fashion, which means that global fame or otherwise, the collection will never skyrocket to the kind of designer prices most fashion houses insist on charging for their efforts.

Working Their Magic

All garments are designed and produced in our own studios in the UK, allowing the latest trends to appear as if by magic overnight.” - Jones and Jones

One of the most appealing things of all about the Jones and Jones collection is the way in which the range is always changing…quite literally! New designs appear overnight and one-offs pop up pretty much every day, redefining what it is to be current and cutting-edge in the world of independent fashion.

About Jones and Jones:

Jones and Jones is a forward-looking fashion brand which specialises in the creation of uniquely edgy, strong directional and always feminine clothing. Quirky and ever-changing ranges are created with a blend of vintage English and French styles, which have quickly captured the attention of famous faces the world over. The Jones sisters take great pride in making their collections accessible and affordable to any true followers of innovative fashion, operating a recently revamped online store at