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Jones and Jones Steps Up Global Expansion with World-Class Website Redesign

Press release February 18, 2013 Fashion

Growing Fashion Icon Implements Steps to Meet Exploding Demand


Britain’s fastest growing fashion brand Jones and Jones has announced the full redesign and expansion of its online retail arm as the world’s leading figures in style and design predict huge things to come for the brand. Following a string of high-profile celebrity appearances and accolades, the Jones sisters’ skater dresses and party dresses have become some of the most recognised and sought-after in the world, prompting extensive efforts to meet the exploding demand.

As of this week, Jones and Jones has entered a new phase in its history with the launching of its most sophisticated online retail arm to date, showcasing the largest collection for the lowest prices.

Celebrating In Style


“It's a feminine, sexy, inspired mix of design from the 40’s and 50’s jet set with its own quirky, modern twist and a great mix of fabrics and tailoring.” - Jones and Jones

In addition and as a means by which to celebrate the brand going viral across the world, the Jones sisters are for a limited time only offers a range of incredible one-off discounts covering many of their most popular and desirable lines.

Rather than capitalising on their growing status by increasing prices in line with demand, the girls behind Jones and Jones have adopted the opposite approach – an opportunity for more young women to invest in a true one-off than ever before.

From Canvas to Catwalk

All garments are designed and produced in our own studios in the UK, allowing the latest trends to appear as if by magic overnight.” - Jones and Jones

Jones and Jones is a brand that takes great pride in redefining what it is to be ever-changing and innovative, ensuring the girls’ visions go from canvas sketches to catwalk ready garment practically overnight. The result is not only a range that evolves by the day, but also the promise that every product offered by Jones and Jones will be as wonderfully unique and never-to-be-repeated as the next.

Jones and Jones may be heading into the stratosphere and beyond over the years to come, but the Jones sisters have promised to remain firmly rooted in reality and down to Earth, regardless of what comes to be.

About Jones and Jones:

Jones and Jones is a forward-looking fashion brand which specialises in the creation of uniquely edgy, strong directional and always feminine clothing. Quirky and ever-changing ranges are created with a blend of vintage English and French styles, which have quickly captured the attention of famous faces the world over. The Jones sisters take great pride in making their collections accessible and affordable to any true followers of innovative fashion, operating a recently revamped online store at