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Jones and Jones Launches Refreshed UK Fashion Website as Brand Goes Global

Press release January 15, 2013 Fashion

Britain’s Premier Independent Fashion Name Expands Online Presence for 2013

London, December 10th, 2012:

Growing UK fashion powerhouse Jones and Jones is proud to announce the launch of its refreshed and redesigned website and online store, readying the brand for enormous global expansion in 2013 and beyond. Offering a unique blend of the best of British styles from the 50s with vintage French influences, Jones and Jones has caught the eye of the world’s most influential fashion authorities and is on its way to big things next year.

And what’s more, in order to celebrate the launch of the new website and a superbly successful 2012 in general, Jones and Jones has announced a strictly one-of sale from now until the end of the year covering many of its most sought-after products and dress ranges.

Reworked, Revamped, Renewed

All garments are designed and produced in our own studios in the UK, allowing the latest trends to appear as if by magic overnight.” - Jones and Jones

Since the company first came to be, the Jones sisters have taken the greatest of pride in ensuring that their designs go from concept to purchasable items in the shortest time possible. Their ongoing aim is to make each and every one of their day, evening and party dresses readily available and accessible by any modern women looking to step outside of the generic fashion “box”.

The launch of the extensively revamped and reworked website therefore represents a renewed ability for the Jones sisters to do exactly that, retailing the most stunning evening and day dresses uk buyers have ever been offered from any designer.

Vintage Marvels

“Designed by the Jones sisters, one loving the street trends of London and the other the opulence of the South of France.” – Jones and Jones

A combination of vintage British and French cultures makes the collection at Jones and Jones unlike anything to be found on the High Street or online markets today. Famous faces on both sides of the Atlantic are wearing the girls’ creations with pride and the brand is expected to explode all over the world in 2013 and beyond.

There’s never been a better time to get ahead of the pack and discover what it is that the Jones and Jonesname stands for.

About Jones and Jones:

Jones and Jones is a forward-looking fashion brand which specialises in the creation of uniquely edgy, strong directional and always feminine clothing. Quirky and ever-changing ranges are created with a blend of vintage English and French styles, which have quickly captured the attention of famous faces the world over. The Jones sisters take great pride in making their collections accessible and affordable to any true followers of innovative fashion, operating a recently revamped online store at