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Jones and Jones Introduces Spring Collection with One-Off Sale

Press release March 7, 2013 Fashion

Growing UK Fashion House Announced Strictly Limited Offers on Unique Lines

Jones and Jones is delighted to announce that the all-new spring collection for 2013 has officially gone live via the brand’s online outlet. And what’s more, in order to celebrate these truly one off creations from the sisters, a strictly limited sale has also been announced as beginning right now.

Having enjoyed a superbly successful 2012 and captured the eye of the critics all over the world, the sisters behind Jones and Jones have stepped up their campaign to take 2013 by storm. The year ahead is expected to bring the Jones and Jones night and day dress collection before the eyes of more dynamic fashion followers across the world than even before, making now the ideal time to get ahead of the game with a unique creation at a truly once-in-a-lifetime price.

Unique Inspirations

When asked what it is that sets the Jones and Jonesname apart from all others on the market today, the girls behind the brand insist it is simply a case of their combined inspirations manifesting as one-off products with creative twists. Bringing together the very best of vintage French and British design trends with a touch of the 21st century, each and every product that makes it to the Jones and Jones collection is truly unique and in most cases will never be repeated.

Or to put it another way, to invest in a Jones and Jones party dress is a little like investing in a piece of history – one that over the coming years could prove to be in enormous demand as the reputation and talent of the girls goes viral.

Simple Values

However, it isn’t only the products themselves that have seen the Jones and Jones brand soar to fame in 2012, but also the simple, hard-working ethos the brand operates by. It is all about taking creations from concept to catwalk in the shortest time possible, remaining true to vintage jet-set influences and at all times keeping lines accessible and affordable.

Add up all of the above and you have yourself a clear explanation of exactly what it is that sets Jones and Jones apart from the rest of the market and why the arrival of the 2013 spring collection is indeed just cause for celebration.

About Jones and Jones:

Jones and Jones is a forward-looking fashion brand which specialises in the creation of uniquely edgy, strong directional and always feminine clothing. Quirky and ever-changing ranges are created with a blend of vintage English and French styles, which have quickly captured the attention of famous faces the world over. The Jones sisters take great pride in making their collections accessible and affordable to any true followers of innovative fashion, operating a recently revamped online store at