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Jones and Jones Announces One-Off Sale to Celebrate Growing Global Success

Press release February 13, 2013 Fashion

Strictly Limited Lines Heavily Discounted for the Lucky Few Only

Jones and Jones is proud to announce the launch of an incredibly rare and strictly limited mid-season promotion, as the brand celebrates incredible success on both sides of the Atlantic. As of this week and for a short time only, shoppers in Britain and the rest of the world are being offered a unique opportunity to take home and incredible one-off from a globally recognised brand, which is fast growing to iconic status among those in the know.

Influential figures and celebrities in growing numbers are proudly flaunting their Jones and Jones night out dresses at the most prestigious of events, catching the attention of the world’s leading fashion houses and industry critics. With each design coming directly from the imagination of the Jones sisters, every single item is guaranteed as 100% unique and unlike anything to be found anywhere on the market at any price.

Feminine Fashions Redefined

“It's a feminine, sexy, inspired mix of design from the 40’s and 50’s jet set with its own quirky, modern twist and a great mix of fabrics and tailoring.” - Jones and Jones

The announcement comes as the Jones sisters celebrate a monumentally important 2012 which saw their lifelong efforts come to fruition in spectacular style. As genuine innovators with a shared love of fashion and a relentless passion for people, the girls have made it their ongoing ethos to not only inspire and enchant, but keep their product lines open to anyone that shares their drive for mould-breaking style.

As such, while growing fame on a global basis would in many circles see costs escalate to capitalise on demand, the Jones and Jones range is to remain as affordable and accessible as it always has been, regardless of how the brand seems destined to conquer both Hollywood and the world.

One to Watch

 “Jones and Jones is a fashion forward brand, with a strong following, the brand to look out for.” – Jones and Jones

The future for the Jones and Jones brand really is shining with unparalleled brightness, making now the time to check out their various evening, daytime, skater, casual, formal and backless dresses and find out why the girls have every right to be proud of their achievements.

About Jones and Jones:

Jones and Jones is a forward-looking fashion brand which specialises in the creation of uniquely edgy, strong directional and always feminine clothing. Quirky and ever-changing ranges are created with a blend of vintage English and French styles, which have quickly captured the attention of famous faces the world over. The Jones sisters take great pride in making their collections accessible and affordable to any true followers of innovative fashion, operating a recently revamped online store at