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JFM Consultancy provides tips for UK business start-ups

Press release November 16, 2010 Business

“Honesty is the key to success” says Jonathan Fredericks of JFM Consultancy. “Having spent many years with marketing companies that promoted any line for a sale, I felt disillusioned with my career. I knew in my heart of hearts that sales and marketing was the right path for me, I just needed to find the right company”.

“I felt that honesty was the best policy” says Jonathan. It was with this ethic that his business has grown. “If you can’t be honest with your clients, you can’t be honest with yourself”. Starting a business with anything less is setting yourself up for a fall. “If you try to pull the wool over your clients’ eyes you will get caught out, not necessarily at the time but probably after you have had to weave a web of lies. This would ruin your reputation and your business” says Jonathan.

“I knew I wanted my business to have empathy with our clients, to really get to the heart of their needs and aspirations. By understanding their business we could really make a difference”. It is this attitude that has created many long term relationships between JFM Consultancyand their clients. “We stand right in the middle of our clients and their customers so both sides have a seamless approach. Nobody realises that we are a separate company because we are on our clients’ agenda” says Jonathan.

“It is the long standing relationships that become the backbone of any business, the ones that stay with you through thick and thin” says Jonathan; “the only way you can maintain a long term relationship is with mutual trust and honesty, this builds respect and a good reputation”.

“The difference in our approach is that we have the clients’ objectives in mind, we can focus on what is important to our client and have no hidden agenda. We always choose the best promotional channel for each individual client; no two clients are the same”.

“Now, more than ever, every company is constantly looking to increase their volume of business and in turn, the demand for our services is steadily increasing” says Jonathan.

JFM Consultancy specialise in outsource direct sales and marketing. Outsourcing is becoming more popular as businesses prefer to call in specialist teams for short periods rather than employing in-house teams because it is a cost effective method to achieve excellent results.