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‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution comes to Borehamwood’

Press release May 7, 2013 Family

Friday May 17th is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. In partnership with Youth Connexions Hertfordshire, local resident, Danine Irwin who runs CookCamp, is hosting “Spaghetti Junction”, to promote, educate & engage children of all ages in cooking, tasting and exploring food. Local teams from Youth Connections Hertfordshire will be joining in, learning how to make and cook a variety of pasta dishes. These will be available for local residents to come and try for free.

About CookCamp

Danine Irwin, Borehamwood resident, is a past Masterchef contestant, home-cook and nutritionist. She set-up CookCamp in 2010 and teaches children and teens of all ages how to prep, cook and appreciate nutritious, simple meals to encourage families to stop eating ready meals, fast food and takeaways, promoting healthy eating and wellbeing.

Here are her Top Tips to help children and parents chose, try and taste new foods:

  • Make each week a new colour – e.g. this week is RED, pick one new red vegetable and red fruit to taste and enjoy.
  • Make your plate colourful! – As pleasing as a pretty painting, your dinner plate should look as appealing!
  • Avoid BEIGE – or those foods coloured brown. These should be limited. They do not stimulate the taste buds, imagination or brain!
  • Sweet treats and puds are fine but with so much resource available online or in magazines, try to make it at home rather than buy a ready made dessert.
  • Grow it & pick it – for younger kids, watching a seed emerge and seeing the start of a little fruit or vegetable is so exciting! Even if you only get 1 carrot – it tastes better because they grew it!
  • Early morning upset? Give the kids a few grapes or half an apple and a glass of water, before they get washed and dressed for school – this will help balance their sugars and give the body a boost before breakfast.


Great photo opportunity and open invitation to the Borehamwood community to try out different home-made sauces with spaghetti.

Spaghetti Junction will be at Aberford Hall, Borehamwood on Friday May 17th from 5pm-7pm


 Danine Irwin 07989 743 357 or email: [email protected]