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It's true! Apple are now a bigger technology company than Microsoft!

Press release May 27, 2010 IT

Today's news headlines suggest that for the very first time in history Apple has overtaken MS to become the largest tech company

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According to the BBC News website Apple have a total value of $222bn (£154bn) whilst Microsoft is now valued at $219bn. Although Microsoft still benefit from higher profits than Apple as it's most recent annual net profit was $14.6bn (£10bn), compared with $5.7bn for Apple. Microsoft also reported bigger full-year revenues of $58.4bn, with Apple on $36.5bn.

This week sees the launch in Britain and eight other countries of Apple's iPad, a format that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates touted in 2001 but could never persuade computer manufacturers to make, or customers to buy. By contrast Apple has already become the biggest tablet computer company in the world since the iPad's launch in the United States.

Next month Jobs will unveil the next generation of iPhone -- the device that was dismissed by some back at its launch in 2007 as having "no chance". Since then sales of the iPhone have rocketed and it has become the gateway to the mobile internet and led to an explosion in downloadable mobile "apps".

MacEmergency realised the Apple brand grow from strength to strength in recent years as the user-base expands in the United Kingdom, Europe and across the globe.

"Focusing on the UK, these are exciting times for new and existing Mac users up and down the country. The only problem with an increased user base - meaning more Apple Mac computers (desktops and laptops) and more Apple Mac users - that we foresee is that of sufficient, independent support options available to cater to the needs of new and existing home and business Mac users.

This is where MacEmergency hopes to play a part. The philosophy and strategy behind the concept of 'MacEmergency' has always been to offer a comprehensive support and repairs service to Mac users across Greater London. This service is intended for the new breed of Mac users that surfaced during the noughties", says Terry Williams - Marketing and Press Officer at MacEmergency - Apple Mac Repairs and Support.

    •    The SOHO user (Small Office, Home Office).
    •    The Freelancer
    •    The Home User

MacEmergency offer a service second to none to these types that includes Free Diagnostic Evaluations, Fast and Efficient Mac Repairs, Independent, Professional yet down-to-earth Apple Support...

Here is an article from the MacEmergency website:

"You Deserve The Best Mac Repair Service in London: When creating the seven day Mac Repair Service for the Apple iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook & iBook models, the MacEmergency team wondered how they expected to be treated if a sudden Mac problem arose which required a fast Apple Mac Repair. The words that kept popping up were: Trusted, Reliable, Flexible, Friendly and Fast."

With MacEmergency you can be sure that service levels will always be highest amongst London's independent repair facilities. Therefore if you are considering purchasing your first desktop, laptop or portable device from Apple, MacEmergency will gladly continue to deliver SLT's better then ever whilst offering expert Apple support and Mac repairs as required.

A service second to none and simply world-class.

(MacEmergency are available seven days a week on 08448 121 999) 


Terry Williams

Marketing and Press Officer
MacEmergency - Apple Mac Repairs and Support
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