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It is Almost Time for Ski Sunglasses and Ski Goggles

Press release October 11, 2011 Sport

The impending winter season means that interest and participation in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding increases rapdily. As a result the accessories that go hand in hand with the sports such as ski sunglasses and ski goggles also generate peak interest in winter. Leading winter eyewear retailer i*Sunglasses share their thoughts.

Downhill ski

Looking outside at 05:30 this morning one thing was very evident, the temperature has dropped dramatically from last weeks almost summer like climate to a very realistic cold, windy Autumn day. This can mean only one thing; cold, icy winter weather is just around the corner.  

The change is weather has a significant impact on the eyewear industry, generic searches via Google and other online channels shift from people looking for summer holiday sunglasses and summer sports sunglasses to eyewear for altogether different purposes.

As a company whose staff enjoy winter sports activities such as skiing and snowboarding we see that from October time our clients and potential customers start to purchase and enquire more frequently for ski sunglasses and ski goggles for their winter holidays that involve winter sports. Snowboarding since the 90s has become a hugely popular winter sport, as such we see increased demand year on year for snowboard sunglasses and snowboarding gogglesto maximise performance and improve visual clarity on the slopes.

Last year in 2010 the ski and snowboarding season overseas did not live up to expectation due to a low snowfall in Europe and other continents such as America, which traditionally see more snow than in the UK, Scotland at times was being heralded as being the top winter sports location in 2010. After many years of slope and resort closures for a lack of snowfall leading to visitor decline, the UK saw hugely increased amounts over a long, cold winter period.

Who knows what the winter of 2011 will bring, one thing is for sure, it is almost time to bring out or choose new ski sunglasses and ski goggles regardless of the location you will be ejoying your winter sports holiday.

i*Sunglasses wish all ski and snowboard enthusiasts a happy autumn and winter season with plenty of snowfall, to view our full range of ski & snowboard eyewear please visit