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Is the UK 'Stripping for Freedom'?

Press release January 25, 2010 Lifestyle

Millions prefer a bare essentials lifestyle in recession to be own boss

A satirical new book claims that the government shouldn't take credit for UK employment figures being better than expected. The author claims that the main reason is not the £billions of taxpayers money handed out to big business in the recession but because one in seven of the adult workforce are now working for themselves. This proportion is increasing as more and more people are 'stripping for freedom' – often living on less earnings to start and run their own enterprise. From government these 'strippers' get minimal support but maximum red tape. Indeed 95% of all UK businesses have less than ten employees yet probably receive less than 5% of all government training and business support budgets..

'Stripping for Freedom' is the title of an amusing, satirical, but very practical, new book. It is penned by a proud resident of the most enterprising town in Europe – Scarborough - author and small/home business champion, Tony (not Baldrick) Robinson. The 'freedom' is from escaping your job to work for yourself. The 'stripping' refers to the bare essentials of money, lifestyle, know how and actions you'll need to get started, survive and thrive. Taking your clothes off is optional. Many proven, practical tips for start up are packaged into a comic, fictional expose of how and why the government has failed to support enterprise in the UK.

'Stripping for Freedom' purports to be a 40 day investigative journey by a Canadian fashionista and celebrity journalist, Leonora Soculithertz (So-cool-it-hurts). It describes what she learns from interviewing a curious mix of 'movers and shakers' in sunny Scarborough and foggy London. So, as well as helping 'go it aloners' with the start up know how to succeed, Ms Soculitherz also finds time to lay bare the arrogance, duplicity and excess of fat cats and politicians.

The reclusive, and imaginary, Soculitherz already has many thousands of fans as proven by the visitors and followers on her myspace, twitter and youtube sites. With 5 million people in the UK currently holding down a job whilst spending their spare time developing their own enterprise, there is no shortage of readers who want to say goodbye to their boss and go it alone. Instead of the usual, boring checklists this entertaining story brings to life plenty of useable advice to earn a living from working for yourself.

It's a good read even if you don't want to escape the rat race. Indeed in the pre-launch phase, before Christmas, many bought and read the book just for its satire. The humorous style is in keeping with, and dedicated to, the writing of the Independent columnist and author, Miles Kington, who died last year.

Robinson says ' It is either very brave or very foolhardy, for anyone to start their own business or to vote in the next general election, without first reading the shocking truth exposed in 'Stripping for Freedom.''.


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  1. 'Stripping for Freedom' by Leonora Soculitherz, Anthony Robinson and Clare Francis is available to buy direct from Amazon UK is published by the Business Advisory Bureau Limited (BAB Publications), established 1986, and is distributed in the UK and overseas by York Publishing Services. ISBN 978-09512488-4-5 204pp. Price (paperback) £9.95

  2. Tony Robinson OBE is founder and co-director of Business Advisory Bureau Limited (1986) and SFEDI (1996)– both organisations existing to improve the quality and accessibility of high quality, low cost or free training and support to all those seeking to start and run their own self employed, home or micro enterprise. Tony Robinson's profile: E:[email protected]M: 07715 749079

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