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Press release October 20, 2008 IT

United Kingdom, October 20th 2008. ipPatrol, a market leading provider of hosted monitoring services, today announced the expansion of its geographic monitoring network to include five new locations in Europe.

ipPatrol uses multiple monitors to provide accurate monitoring of a customers online presence, simulating what a visitor would experience. The new locations complement ipPatrol's existing monitoring network throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Asia and Australia.

"ipPatrol continues to grow its global network by adding five new monitoring locations." said Duncan Berriman, Technical Director. "This provides additional options to all of our customers, especially those with a presence in mainland Europe who require a more local perspective on the reliability of their services."

Customers can now use the new monitoring locations in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Marseille and Milan. ipPatrol's service uses three locations to verify each result, so preventing false alerts. Once a problem is detected customers are immediately alerted via email, pager and sms, they can then quickly respond to the alert, resolve the problem and ensure maximum availability of their online presence. As the service is hosted by ipPatrol there is no software to install although customers remain in control via an online control panel. Prospective customers can experience the service free for a month by simply subscribing via ipPatrol's website.

About ipPatrol
Founded in 2002 and based in Brough, East Yorkshire, ipPatrol is an industry-leading provider of internet monitoring services. ipPatrol monitors websites, ecommerce applications, mail servers, DNS servers, environmental conditions and other devices connected to the internet. Designed to help customers ensure that their online presence is always available, ipPatrol's monitoring services meet the needs of all companies large and small. ipPatrol's customers are based in over 30 different countries from Australia to the Ukraine and include central, regional and local government, multinational and national companies, SME's, international and national charities as well as schools and colleges, reflecting the need for every type and size of organisation to monitor its internet services in order to provide its online visitors with the best service.