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Press release July 11, 2008

A Storage Device for Handling Waste Monofilament for Anglers

What lasts longer, Empires, buildings or monofilament? Monofilament, probably. It lasts up to six hundred years. So what happens when we have a wind knot or tangle and have to change tippet or a leader? We stuff the discarded line into our vest pocket, and later find it stuck in our zipper or wrapped around the other items in the pocket. We reach into our pocket and accidentally pull the line out and drop it into the water or onto the bank where it eventually ends up wrapped around a bush, a heron or a trout. It is estimated that annually the 3 million anglers in the UK each accidentally lose around 50 yards of fishing line. That equates to over 85,000 miles of fishing line that's lost into the environment per year!!! Take that figure a step further one cannot imagine how much is lost worldwide.
We at Fishing with Style are conscientious anglers, we are intimately committed to avoiding any personal contribution to the deterioration of trout habitat, which includes polluting with waste monofilament. To this end we are offering the monoMASTER, which is a small, light-weight new tool that can be attached to a fishing vest or stored in a pocket or creel/tackle bag and used to conveniently store all waste mono generated while fishing. "Anything that reduces pollution is essential in our time, but a device that does it with such ease and enjoyment is a downright miracle. MonoMASTER is a 'must-have" for every serious angler" (Richard Friedenberg - screenwriter, "A River Runs Through It").
Waste mono dropped onto the bank is routinely picked up by conscientious anglers, but this isn't always effective. Despite all our efforts we are not able to do much about the tangles of waste line accumulating under the water line to the detriment of wildlife habitat and water management efforts. This mono continues to accumulate over generations and, with over 4 Million anglers in UK and over 72 million world wide every inch of waste mono matters. "Those of us in the Federation of Fly Fishers who have had the opportunity to examine the monoMaster agree that it's a "must" for every fly fisher person's vest." (Ron Cordes, PhD, JD - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Federation of Fly Fishers). The monoMASTER is now available from Fishing with Style. For more information about the monoMASTER please contact Stephen Cheetham 01132507244. [email protected] or