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Introducing the GSM EAGLE for mobile phone control of gates, doors, garages and turnstiles and more..

Press release August 1, 2009 Electronics

New control technology allowing mobile phones to control gates, barriers, doors, shutters, heating, air conditioning and more. Use the Caller ID from your mobile phone for remote control.

New control technology allowing mobile phones to control gates, barriers, doors, shutters, heating, air conditioning and more. Use the Caller ID from your mobile phone for remote control.

Introducing the EAGLE which is an acronym for 'Electronic Access control using Gsm Lock Enabling'.

Every mobile phone or land line is unique in that it has Caller ID. Caller ID not only shows you who is trying to call and let you decide whether to answer it or not, it can be used by electronics to device if entry should is allowed.

The means the call is never charged and is completely FREE. When calling, the phone will ring once and then terminated without ever been answered.

Designed for easy installation, the EAGLE has quick Caller ID learning and some clever features for operation.

Features include:

Up to 4000 users
2 Relays
Text notification of 'kids home' - receive a text when certain numbers gain access
Emergency caller - locks relays open when a call arrives from a set number (fire alarm)
Quick learn - just call it to program a number
Suspend user - lock a user out but receive a text if he/she tried to gain access
Quick delete - remove numbers by sending texts

Catering for up to 4000 users and having two onboard relays that users can be allocated to. This allows managers and employees to be separated through a time control system and will allow anyone on relay 1 to open the activate it anytime of the day and then relay 2 through a timer, keeping access to only be available during working hours.

Shutter or door mode prevents accidentally opening doors or shutters by misdialling the number. Shutters and doors can ONLY be opened by sending a text message 'open' (relay1) and 'close' (relay2).

Connect the two inputs to sensors on the door and then status can be sent via txt in two ways. 1st Door failure - request to open or close was not confirmed by switching, or 2nd which confirms via text message each & every time the door operates. Using the inputs, alarm notifications are also sent via text message. One scenario is the problem of 'taped up beam sensors' on gates.

A potential intruder will come round and put masking or ‘gaffa’ tape over the beams and when the owner opens his/her gats in the morning on route to work will drive off assuming gates will close on the timer.

If the gates have been interfered with, the gates will be stuck open as the beams assume a vehicle is blocking them. The EAGLE has been programmed in order to monitor the beams resetting after the gates have been opened and should they remained blocked after a set time, a text message 'beam fail or fault detected' will be sent to the owner who can return and check as to why the gates are not closed.

The system is easy to install and configure, 2 wires for power at 10v to 36v AC or DC and then two wires for each relay output. There are many scenario's for the way this system is used and it limited only by the imagination of the installer.

Scenario 1 would be to use relay 1 to control the gates and then connect the central heating (or even hot tub) via relay 2. This allows text message control of the heating or hot tub and have a nice warm house or tub on arrival.

Scenario 2) Connect relay 1 to the gates to be released and then set the time on relay 2 to 15 mins. When the user calls the number to access, the gates trigger and also relay 2 will hold in for 15 minutes. If relay two was connected to a lighting circuit via a light sensor, if it is dark, not only will the gates open but the outside lights will be switched on.

Scenario 3) Speak to most shutter door companies and they will tell you the weakest and most attacked point prior to a break-in is the key switch we see so often next to the main entry door. The EAGLE’s ‘door’ mode will prevent this kind of attack as the key switch can be completely removed. No more lost keys, no key-fobs to misplace or reprogram if one is lost and no more damaged key switches, simply send a text ‘open’ or ‘close’ to the door.

The EAGLE is very versatile and has many uses for security, remote control and a few of the suggested uses as follows.

Automatic Gates
Automatic Barriers
Road Blockers
Garage doors (door mode)
Shutters (door mode)
Air conditioning
Equipment reset

GSM Secure are also developing other security and 'Green' products of which details will be posted when they are complete and are seeking worldwide distributors and resellers.