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Introducing Artography: A totally unique and personal service

Press release March 25, 2008 Lifestyle

Artist Raychel Perks is used to making peoples’ dreams come true - she has transformed clients into mermaids, fairies and wizards.

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Tamara with her finished painting

At her Barnsley-based Raynbow Studio, Raychel specialises in Artography which is the art of printing photographs onto canvas or watercolour paper and over-painting by hand in oil, acrylic or watercolour to create a fantasy image.

Anyone can be transformed into his or her favourite mythical figure or alter ego. Recent examples include a baby as a fairy, a young boy as a wizard, and two best friends as a sexy angel and devil.

The client can provide original photos or photographs can be taken by Raynbow Studio.

Tamara Frost was transformed into a mermaid by Raychel and was delighted with the result.

She said: "I loved the idea of being a mermaid and I was amazed when I saw the final painting. It is something unique that I can keep forever."

Clients receive a unique and personal service and Raychel works closely with them to create a bespoke artwork from a shared imaginative process.

Raychel has been drawing and painting for more than 30 years and is skilled in a range of styles including watercolour, gouache, oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil and airbrush.

She studied General Art and Design and forged a successful career as a graphic designer before founding Raynbow Studio last year.

Raynbow Studio is building up a national reputation through the internet and trade/consumer fairs.