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Interview on the Latest Wardrobe Styles and Trends at Harveys

Press release January 27, 2009 Homes & Gardens

Resident trend watch expert at Harveys the furniture store, Karen Broderick comments on the latest wardrobe trends

1) Full name and preferred job title
Karen Broderick - Trend Watch Expert

2) Are wardrobes in Britain getting bigger toaccommodatemore of our clothes?
Not entirely, we are not moving house as easily at the moment, so the trend is to make the most of the space we have available by being clever with the space inside wardrobes.  So, for example, we are now looking for flexibility with our wardrobes; customers want a choice of hanging space, racking and shelving in order for them to be able to make the most effective use of space.

3) What are the key wardrobe styles that are popular at the moment?
Wardrobe styles are quite varied at the moment, depending on the look the customer is trying to achieve. Harveys offer a wide range of furniture styles and customers love the choice available to them when furnishing their bedroom. At Harveys, our buyers find that while some customers are opting for a contemporary look with a simple design that they can personalise with accessories, others are prepared to be more daring; customers love our traditional and ornate styled signature range.

One of our most popular wardrobes is the two door slider robe as it's available in a variety of finishes, provides loads of storage space and is fantastic value for money.

4) What about colour?
Wood finishes are still the most popular choice for Harveys customers, in particular light oak finishes. Oak is often favoured because it looks great and it's versatile, enabling it to be styled and accessorised in many ways. This means people can change the style and d├ęcor of their bedroom regularly, without the need to replace their furniture quite as often.

Another great wood finish that is becoming more popular is Walnut, as people are gaining more confidence with styling their homes and are becoming more adventurous with their furniture.

White, ivory and mirrored finishes make a stunning alternative to wood and can really transform the whole look of a bedroom, particularly with some of the patterned alternatives that are just coming through.  

5) How can wardrobes affect a room?
Wardrobes are generally the key piece of furniture in any bedroom as they often dominate the room. While beds are covered by a duvet and the top of chests are often concealed by ornaments or day to day products like make-up and jewellery boxes, the wardrobe is usually the most clearly visible piece of furniture in the room - so the look and style of it will influence the whole room.

6) Fitted or free-standing?
Whether you opt for fitted or free standing furniture is really down to personal choice. Free standing furniture is less of a long term commitment as it allows the furniture to be moved around over time if you fancy a change of layout within a room, or even from room to room. Many people like to buy new furniture for their own bedroom and then demote their previous furniture to the spare room.  A great way to combine both is through the really popular semi-fitted ranges that have now been developed often exclusively to Harveys so that our customers can have the best of both worlds.

7) Will a good wardrobe last a lifetime?
A wardrobe will last as long as you want it to; this really depends on how much you're prepared to spend. If you invest in good quality furniture you won't be disappointed, it will serve you well for years to come. Alternatively, many people choose to spend less on their furniture so they can update the look of their bedroom more regularly or keep up to date with the latest fashions. Harveys have stylish bedroom furniture available at such great prices now and many people don't want to spend more than they need to.

8) What internal features should a wardrobe have?
When buying a wardrobe, you should consider how you use it on a day to day basis and consider whether certain features would make life easier. For example sliding doors are great for where space is limited and extra shelves and rails will maximise the internal storage space available. Additional lighting can be helpful if the wardrobe is situated away from the main lighting and wardrobes that include full length mirrors are useful when getting ready and make the room look larger.

9) Any other comments?
At Harveys, we love making great furniture affordable to all. We have 150 stores nationwide displaying fantastic bedroom furniture and storage solutions for today's fashion savvy consumers and we have every product available to buy on line as well at

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