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International Register of Shipping and Ships Classification Malaysia sign bilateral agreement of collaboration

Press release December 9, 2009 Business

International Register of shipping signs up with another international bilateral agreement of collaboration

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4 December 2009 – International Register of Shipping has signed another international bilateral agreement of collaboration – reinforcing its commitment to promoting the highest standards in the maritime industry.

The agreement with Ships Classification Malaysia (SCM) will enhance safety and security in navigation and help prevent marine pollution, as well as promote technical and educational cooperation and encourage joint ventures in ship survey.

"We have agreed to co-operate in both the ships classification services and non-classification services,” says Said Nassif, managing director of International Register of Shipping, who augmented the established group seeking to finalize the agreement. "We are very pleased to be working closely with SCM - this reinforces our commitment to transparency and quality in the maritime industry. It's only by continuing to strive for fairness in the maritime world that we can ensure that our industry remains competitive."

“This agreement will allow us to expand the services we provide to our shipowners,” says Abdul Jamil Murshid, chief executive of SCM. “We look forward to a long and successful relationship between the two societies."

International Register of Shipping, established in 1993, has long recognised the value of closer collaboration with other classification societies. Earlier this year, it signed a bilateral agreement of collaboration with Taiwan’s China Corporation Register of Shipping and it has had a bilateral agreement with the Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia since 2004.

"We believe that through collaboration with other Classification societies we can make our trades safer, more secure, more efficient and profitable for all," Nassif adds. "That is why we actively seek such opportunities.”