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Interactive whiteboard market projected to reach USD 1.85 billion by 2018

Press release August 4, 2014 Interactive whiteboard market, interactive whiteboard industry, interactive whiteboard market share

An IWB is an interactive display system that projects images stored in a computer and allows users to control screen activities using a pen, stylus or finger.

The global interactive whiteboard market is projected to reach USD 1.85 billion by 2018. Rising demand for technology-based education, government-based initiatives and technological advancements in the sector and increased adoption of the technology in emerging economies like India and China has fuelled the growth of this sector.

This report, Global Interactive Whiteboard Market (IWB) 2014-2018, covers the market landscape and growth prospects. Segmented into three divisions, the education sector, corporate sector and government sector, the report also highlights products being installed and utilized according to its application and usage in the market.


Students demanding technology in their classrooms

With students considering their classroom an extension of the technology that they are already using at their homes, they are seeking the same in the classrooms in the form of whiteboards, Internet-driven teaching modules, voting systems and handheld devices, including tablets, laptops and desktop computers. As these children move up the education ladder, the demand for interactive technology is bound to increase, especially in higher education systems. The interactive whiteboard industry is forecasted to stay resilient for the continued budgetary constraints across the world pressurized by various macroeconomic factors. Regarded as an important tool for investment to impart new generation education, the interactive whiteboards (IWBs) will continue to be a high spending priority area for most governments. The education sector alone is set to tune in 4% to 7% of GDP that remains resilient and insulated by governmental spending cuts.


Enriching the teaching process

Interactive whiteboard technology provides a potential means for teachers to connect and communicate with students and enriches the teaching process. In recent years, schools and educational institutions are also rapidly adopting these interactive whiteboards at a significant pace, also drawing the attention of governments globally. In the US, South Africa, the UK and Australia, a significant amount of state funding has already been allocated for procuring and implementing this technology, especially in K-12 school systems.


Corporate sector —a lucrative market segment

The corporate sector provides a lucrative market segment for the interactive whiteboard industry. The key players have actually deployed and delivered whiteboard solutions that are in sync with business models of individual organizations. Moreover, since it features a simple user interface, most companies are rapidly adopting it and finding it a tool that facilitates interaction and collaboration between suppliers, customers and colleagues, which is further fuelling the demand for IWBs from corporate sector.


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Interactive whiteboard market, interactive whiteboard industry, interactive whiteboard market share