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InteliTap Launches Latest Release of Revolutionary Container Tracking Solution

Press release May 6, 2009 IT

InteliTap’s VisibiliTy 4.0 container tracking and management solution provides complete asset population visibility, as each unique individual container AND its contents are tracked, enabling powerful future predictions & dynamic modelling.

Richmond, VA., May 6, 2009 - InteliTap announced the launch of VisibiliTy 4.0 today. This software is the latest upgrade of their asset tracking software that is the most comprehensive yet concise solution for container management on the market.

The solution is the result of ten years experience in the Auto-ID tracking arena, and combines technology with supply chain process knowledge to support sensible business decisions that directly impact the bottom line. The solution enables customers to clearly understand their asset fleets in terms of location, accurate population, cycle times and losses.

Jon Quinn, InteliTap's UK Managing Director said: "We believe that VisibiliTy is the largest Auto ID container tracking system in the world. Our team has spent 10 years collecting and analysing asset movements in various industries, including brewing, and this solution is a culmination of that experience combined with a forward-thinking, next generation software product. We have helped customers successfully eliminate fleet oversizing, addressed auditor issues by supporting asset valuation, and importantly stemmed and identified losses that are the plague of the mobile asset industry today, particularly in the light of global metal prices. Our supply chain knowledge and deep domain expertise in the brewing industry has also enabled us to develop a dynamic modeling module. Every single client we have ever engaged uses a variation on traditional demand forecasting methods that almost always result in holding excess container inventory. In these challenging times, capital purchase avoidance is key. No longer is "not running out" the only determinant of good practice. "

The VisibiliTy software is a standards-based solution that provides complete visibility of assets (beer kegs, rollcages, or any other containers or assets) in a user-friendly robust web enabled environment. It is specifically designed to obtain, process and report individual container contents, movements, maintenance, usage and efficiency, using Auto ID technologies like barcodes and RFID to capture information. VisibiliTy tracks information on assets & contents in the past, present and can be used to predict the future, meaning that InteliTap helps customers to make educated business decisions and processes that can be implemented with confidence.

The web-based framework, including a configurable, personalised dashboard, enables users to view and report on asset fleets at their desktop or remotely. It's flexible and scalable nature provides customised workflow and business rules configuration, with integration to existing systems and processes.

David Adams, InteliTap CEO told us: "I am delighted with this product launch. VisibiliTy has always been a perfect compliment to our draft beer monitoring offering, and forms just another component and step forward to the ultimate end-to-end solution for brewers that I visualised some years ago. The team have worked extremely hard to amalgamate the many years of supply chain knowledge and technology experience. No two supply chains are the same, and a one size fits all approach has never been our philosophy. That is why we're now able to bring that element even closer to the customer, since our product offers a degree of client empowerment we feel is unprecedented in the industry today."



For all press related enquiries please contact Jon Quinn, [email protected] 01226 720777

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