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InteliTap GPS Solution keeps RAAM Riders 'On Track'

Press release July 22, 2009 IT

Draft beer monitoring and asset tracking leader sponsored and installed GPS real time tagging solution ‘ProXimiTy’ to monitor team of brewing veterans as they complete the Race Across America, the world’s toughest cycle ride.

Richmond, VA., 22nd July, 2009 - InteliTap, the leading draft beer solutions & asset tracking provider, played an important role in the in the ‘Race Across America'. Working with a team of riders ‘The Caledonian Chain Gang', - that comprised of six former Scottish and Newcastle (S&N) colleagues who also happened to be InteliTap's business associates and friends, the company sponsored the team (in aid of various charities), and monitored their every move with newly rebranded GPS tracking solution ‘ProXimiTy'.

The Race Across America is an event so staggering that merely to finish is, for most, the accomplishment of a lifetime. It is over 3000 miles long, crosses over 14 states, and has well in excess of 100,000 feet of ascent. The team, made up of Charles Richardson, Simon Taylor, Andrew Bright, Phil Hedley, Peter Loft, and David Forrester, and support vehicles, was individually tracked in real-time using InteliTap's GPS tracking solution ProXimiTy, a leading edge solution that tracks assets using GPS, regardless of location.

The company has also developed a bolt-on RF capability (a handheld that can use GPRS, RF or Wi-Fi) which enables users to home in on an asset to the nearest square metre, and can also be used when GPS is unavailable (for example within a building). Information pertaining to the assets location, path, speed, etc can be rendered at any time using a real-time browser that works with Microsoft mapping technology, giving users the ability to view the location as a map, road view, or even home in on the actual building (where photography is available).

Jon Quinn, InteliTap EMEA Managing Director and ProXimiTy Managing Director told us, - "I am really proud of the team and did not hesitate when they approached us for sponsorship and help with tracking their every move!. ProXimiTy is a very successful part of our business - we have helped various companies track, manage and recover their assets, and this can also include humans of course - especially in such industries as Defense, and Healthcare, where location is critical. We've worked with the guys for many years, and I am delighted that they have completed such a huge challenge. I was ecstatic to see them cross the finishing line, along with our very own Tom Hare and Simon Horrox who were part of the support team."

Peter Loft, one of the team members who is a consultant and previously worked in senior roles at Scottish & Newcastle said, "We hope that everyone has enjoyed following us across America. We're grateful to InteliTap for sponsoring us, and also delighted with the technology they provided - our families and friends have had no problem monitoring our every single move!. This really is a leading edge product. The race was tough, and to complete it is a huge achievement for all of us. We are now ready for a well earned rest."

David Forrester, Finance Manager for Bank Of Scotland who also took part said: "The ProXimiTy tracking technology was great. It managed to get Andrew, Charles and I out of a real sticky spot when we took a wrong turn on one of the training rides, pre-race. Several friends logged on back home and found the panel user friendly. We want to give our utmost thanks to InteliTap, their involvement made it an absolutely fantastic experience."

Talking more on the technology - Phil Hedley from S&N said "it was really useful in giving a real time view about what was happening. We thought the birds eye view was great! Our friends and family were really chuffed to be able to monitor the team progress in real time".

Finally, team member Simon Taylor, Commercial Director for Jygsaw, the Beverage Industry Sales and Marketing leader, said "On a practical level ProXimiTy provided instant visibility of the relative positions of all the key elements - such as the rider, support car and RV. It allowed us to locate wayward lost riders which I believe came into its own when the guys took a wrong turn riding in the desert. They also allowed those supporting the luxury of being able to plan support tasks and sleep safe in the knowledge that they knew when the rider would arrive at the next rendezvous point.

On an emotional level ProXimiTy allowed friends and family to follow our progress across the States. I have friends and relatives worldwide who were dialling into the website to see how we were getting on. The trackers helped with that connection and made the race come alive for those at home. I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to InteliTap for the support you all gave us which made achieving this particular goal possible."

The Caledonian Chain Gang began their quest at Oceanside, CA and finished in Annapolis, MD. They completed it in 7 days, 19 hours and 13 minutes. To read their journey, check out the InteliTap BLOG at

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