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InteliTap Expands Brewing Container Solutions and Recruits Beer Industry Operations Expert

Press release November 26, 2009 Business

Exciting growth period and increased demand spurs beer keg / cask tracking and management experts to take its brewing supply chain management and knowledge sharing offering one step further – adds further services to its offering and recruits Andy Dorr, previously of Carlsberg and GIST.

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Barnsley, South Yorkshire, November 26th, 2009 – InteliTap Limited today announced the appointment of brewing industry expert Andy Dorr as General Manager, and an increased offering of services to clients.

The increased offering enhances the existing powerful arsenal of services, which are designed to enhance and revolutionise container centric supply chains in a variety of industries – including brewing. The VisibiliTy container asset tracking solution, combined with deep domain expertise, is the power behind the specialist supply chain knowledge resource, and was the foundation of InteliTap’s solution design.  InteliTap’s customers understand their asset fleets, using information based on factors such as accurate population, cycle times, and losses, which helps them to support their business decisions that apply directly to the bottom line.

The expansion, headed up by Dorr, includes new additional value-added services such as deeper supply chain resource sharing, new container procurement services, pooling and standardisation assistance, container repatriation strategies and execution, container performance and maintenance services, and deposit scheme viability studies.

 JonQuinn, InteliTap’s Chief Commercial Officer told us: “I am delighted to welcome Andy on board; he joins at a very exciting time for InteliTap, both in Europe and the USA.  We’re experiencing exciting growth on both continents, and this enhancement fits well with our overall strategy. The skills and experience Andy brings will enable us to add even more value to our current customer base and comes at a time when we are now in a position to offer deeper and more varied services to companies that own containers or assets.  

In brewing in particular, we are now helping clients track and control their container fleet to the extent they desire – it’s much deeper, whilst always bearing cost savings and bottom line in mind, meaning they can concentrate on what’s more important to them in the current climate”

Dorr joins InteliTap from Carlsberg UK, where he served as Container Asset Manager for the past two years.  His 11 year brewing industry pedigree also includes 4.5 years for TrenStar UK as Operations Manager, and 4.5 years for GIST working on a contract for beverage supply and delivery 

Andy Dorr told us: “I am delighted to join the team.  I have worked personally with some of InteliTap’s key employees over the last ten years, and issues that are critically important to brewers in challenging economic times such as product quality, customer satisfaction, cost savings, and financial controls have always been at the forefront of their intentions and their solutions. I am sad to leave Carlsberg but look forward to keeping that relationship  with them along with the other brewers I have worked with over these last years.

InteliTap has also recently expanded their existing GPS tracking offering, ProXimiTy  - a leading edge solution that tracks assets using GPS, regardless of location. It has developed deployed the solution successfully over the past 3 years, saving brewers and other industries millions of pounds by identifying assets that are out of reach when using RFID tracking alone. ProXimity is a British made GPS framework that is blended with a sound, proven RF enabler capability to hone in on the asset, providing one of the most powerful and advanced solutions on the market.  ProXimity has integration capability for RFID asset tracking through visibility, as it can store extra individual asset information for interrogation by an RFID fixed or handheld reader.


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