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Insight Investigations Announce The Launch of Their New Website

Press release June 16, 2011 Business

Insight Investigations today announced the launch of their newly designed and branded website aimed at giving the well established private detective agency a fresher image and recognisable brand that it synonomous with the investigation industry.

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Today, well established private detective agency Insight Investigations announced the launch of their new website which is aimed at maximising the visitor experience and to give the company a fresh look, whilst retaining their traditional ethics and presentation. Over the years Insight have seen the transition of client enquiries, both private and commercial, from being a majority via phone calls to the internet. This transition has led to a great deal of planning, development and now the release of a fully re-branded and designed website.

New functionality such as improved live chat facilities, call back requests and enhanced contact form features have all been analysed, implemented and taken into account, toreally give a potential client with a discreet enquiry or requirement every means possible to contact Insight.

On top of improved functionality, there are lots of relevant, informative pages of content covering all the different types of services for various sectors that Insight offer, such as legal and litigation, private, commercial and surveillance investigations. Matrimonial and relationship services, private investigationsand security are often investigations of a discreet and sensitive nature, Insight have ensured that all angles and services are laid out in black and white with the emphasis on making contact to discuss any requirements in more detail. 

As a leading player in the private investigator industry, Insight pride themselves on a reputation for being able to offer over 30 years industry experience and offering both advice and services that fall within the parameters of the laws in the UK, something that not all private investigators take into consideration when advising or carrying out private investigations.

It is for certain that Insight have taken into account their well respected traditions and mixed them with the modern world to deliver this new website that really does give a brighter, more contemporary feel to the business via the internet and digital channels.

Director of Insight Investigations Tony Smith said of the website launch "We are delighted that after many months in the process, that our new website is launched.  We have incorporated many new features onto the site and hope that clients and new visitors will find it helpful and informative".

With a new brand and marketing strategies in place the new website launch is sure to be an exciting time for Insight Investigations, clients and visitors alike, it would also be fair to say that this announcement should be one that enhances and ensures that Insight remain a leading company within the private investigator industry  for many more years to come.