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Insight Investigations Advise - Protect Yourself with a Background Investigation

Press release October 19, 2011 Public

In a month where crime rates and figures have been made public related to the increasing number of victims of online, dating and business scams, leading private detective agency Insight Investigations are advising the gneeral public and businesses alike to protect themselves through background investigations.

Background investigations

In this era of the internet dictating almost every component of people’s lives it is no surprise that it is also a global haven for clever criminals on the look out for their next victim to scam, often leaving the victim financially out of pocket and emotionally scarred.

A large percentage of internet related crime can be attributed to internet dating sites where unsuspecting people, more often than not female, seemingly meet the man of their dreams before over time being conned out of thousands of pounds. Unfotunately recent Government figures have shown that this type of crime is on the increase.

It is not just dating, you may be entering into a business partnership, forming some sort of assocation with an individual or have doubts about the partner of your son or daughter.

There is a way to protect yourself and loved ones from becoming a victim to such criminals, here at Insight we offer what is known as a Background Investigation to ascertain the truth and prove if the person in question is genuine or is indeed a criminal intent on wrong doing.

Some of the most common questions that need answering via a background check investigation are;

Is the person you met on-line who he or she says they are?
Do you have unanswered questions about the person you’ve formed an association with?
Is your son or daughter in a relationship with a person whom you have doubts about?
Is the person you are considering entering a business deal with being truthful?

Such Investigations are conducted discreetly in and around the lifestyle and history of the individual no matter where in the world they originate.

As recently as this month one such person is to appear in Court charged with some 12 offences which culminated from an Insight Background Investigation. We are currently undertaking such Investigations in the USA, Norway, Germany, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Canada and of course the UK.

Background investigations are conducted with absolute discretion with the subject having no knowledge that such an investigation has taken place. Not everyone we investigate is found to be a ‘wrong un’ and if we can put your mind at rest we are quite happy to do so with the minimum of fuss, enabling you to make possibly life changing decisions

Ring Insight Free of charge and speak to us in complete confidence if you have any suspicions, our private investigators will analyse your matter and we will quote accurately for your requirements.

Please visit our Backgroud Check Investigations page for more information