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Industry Leading People Search Web site, Tracesmart, have effectively launched 2008 Electoral Roll.

Press release May 9, 2008 Business

Tracesmart proudly announce that nearly 28 Million up-to-date accurate records are available through the 2008 Electoral Roll launched recently on the Tracesmart Website.

The Electoral Roll 2008 has now been integrated into the already extensive dataset collection held by Tracesmart Ltd and is fully searchable at their people search website - This addition will give customers access to just under 28 million new records, making their friend finder tool and relative tracing facility faster and much more accurate.

The annual canvas of the UK's electorate is a pivotal reference point when attempting to trace friends or find relatives, but it shouldn't be relied on solely. Since the opt-out clause was introduced in 2002 more and more individuals are choosing not to make their details available on the edited Electoral Roll. Paul Weathersby, Technical Director at Tracesmart explains, "Although 28 million is a huge number of records, this figure is a shortfall on the amount held in previous years edited Electoral Rolls. Recent high-profile lapses in data security and voters being fed misinformation about the uses of their data are prompting more and more people to opt out of the edited Electoral Roll. In addition, an increasing volume of local authorities are opting their constituents out by default - these factors affect the amount of people appearing on the edited Electoral Roll which makes it essential that additional data sources are used to supplement electoral roll search information. Whilst other providers of people search websites fail to make up the deficit left by voters opting out, we actively address the issue by utilising our proprietary Tracesmart Register when a people search is conducted."

The Tracesmart Register is a collection of 38 million records gleaned from a wide range of data protection compliant sources. When used in conjunction with the other datases held, users of Tracesmart have access to just under 300 million records. When trying to trace someone, purely attempting to search people held on the Electoral Roll will considerably reduce the chances of finding the individual - Communications Manager Owen Roberts notes the importance of making such a high volume of data available to customers, "Thanks to the multitude of public records we hold, the ability to trace lost friends find relatives through Tracesmart is unparalleled. The addition of the 2008 Electoral Roll will only go to further enhance positive trace rates, allowing us to reunite more and more people."

Tracesmart are dedicated to providing their users with the most accurate data available. They are currently involved in a number of data acquisition projects, including the procurement of the Electoral Roll 2009, to ensure that year on year users of Tracesmart have access to the most up-to-date records available.

About Tracesmart: is the UK's leading people search engine. Developed by a team of highly experienced tracers and world class IT professionals, the site has helped thousands of people reunite with old friends and lost loved ones. is owned by Tracesmart Ltd, the Cardiff based people tracing technology specialists.

Paul Weathersby is an industry leading IT specialist, who, along with his team, develops and maintains the cutting edge technologies which drive

Owen Roberts has worked in the creative, advertising and communications industries for over 25 years and is the voice of Tracesmart. Heading up the communications team, he raises the public awareness of the company through various media driven PR campaigns.

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