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Increasing demand of online education in the UAE is said to contribute to 2021 UAE growth goals

Press release July 22, 2016

According to Khaleej Times and a GulfTalent study, business professionals now turn in favour of online training over classroom education. The shifting trend is predicted to increase the amount of business professionals signing up for online training, hereby contributing to UAE's overall growth strategy.


1,600 business professionals in nine Middle East countries along with interviews from training providers yield the findings of the increasing popularity of online education. One crucial aspect of these findings is the fact that only 18% seek classroom-only training whereas 62% now seek a combination of e-learning and classrooms. The growth of online training could be attributed primarily to its lower cost and greater flexibility - budgets ranging from 500$ for an online course and 1000$ for a classroom course.

However, the issue is the fact that the supply does not keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for online training courses. The survey mentions that 16% of those seeking online courses are unable to find a suitable solution against 6% that seek classroom solutions. This shortage of local education has forced business professionals to look for international training course providers to accommodate their learning and development needs.

A prominent provider of online management training courses is Probana Business School. Probana was established in Denmark in 1992 and has educated more than 8,300 business professionals through the substantial and renowned Online Mini MBA. The Online Mini MBA is comprised of e-learning and is a perfect fit to the busy schedule of business professionals. The Online Mini MBA is based on self-study and is comprised of 6 modules on relevant topics such as Leadership, HR, Business Development and Strategy. Upon completion of the online course, you will receive a Certificate of Business Administration which empowers your CV and your career opportunities.

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