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In the wake of the Brexit: Executive management education secures your job

Press release June 29, 2016

Oklahoma City-based financial advisor Tim Courtney, talks about a worst case scenario, being that the Brexit triggers a period of very slow growth which makes global companies feel that it is too risky hiring more staff - or even keeping existing staff. One way to safe-guard against this potential development is by making yourself invaluable through Executive management education.

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The consequences of the Brexit go far beyond the UK borders. The British Treasury warns that the move could leave the nation permanently poorer by damaging trade, employment and productivity. This, not only in the UK, but globally it could roil global markets and shake multinational employers and investors both inside and outside of Europe. The Brexit is now a reality and whether or not the consequences are going to affect your career, only time will tell.
However, there is a way to prevent the Brexit from impacting your job; taking Executive management education will make you even more competitive at work and on the job market. Employers and organisations value employees whom have shown dedication towards learning and development throughout their career. PROBANA's Mini MBA is the safe choice for all business professionals whom want to stay ahead of the curve and remain the first choice for employers.

PROBANA delivers the most recent academic theory on Leadership, Strategy, HR and Innovation through a practical approach. The studies are online with one course day per module - 6 modules in total over 8-10 months. Upon completion of the course you will receive your Certificate in Business Administration. The part time course is structured to accommodate both family and work and is chosen by more than 8,300 business professionals worldwide.

Void the consequences of the Brexit and sign up for your management education today at or call us at +44 (0) 20 7887 6061 to learn more.

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