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IHS Functional Medicine Center, In San Jose Provides Solutions For Weight Loss Difficulty

Press release November 29, 2014 San Jose Thyroid Doctor

IHS Functional Medicine Center offers integrative care for many problems, including weight loss. The methods rely on objective measurements for improving overall health.

San Jose CA, 19-NOVEMBER-2014 - IHS Functional Medicine Center is pleased to announce that those individuals who have been struggling to lose weight or to maintain their weight at a healthful level can find solutions at the center. The San Jose Thyroid Doctor team works with patients to identify the underlying reason for weight problems and create a plan which will address the issues. Patients know that proper weight levels are crucial to overall good health and longevity.

When the problem is due to hormonal issues, such as those linked to the production from the thyroid gland, a regimen of care can be developed to increase or balance the production of T3 and T4. Overall strengthening of the thyroid gland, the liver and other internal organs associated with thyroid production is another part of the therapy.

The team at IHS also offers nutritional guidance which will be instrumental in weight management. Meal planning, recipes, shopping strategies, and information about portion control are offered to the patients. Help in maintaining food choices in the workplace is another benefit to patients.

Creation of a supplementation regimen is customized for each patient. The patient is assessed to determine the need for specific supplementation. The determination is made based on testing, current and historical problems, goals and lifestyle parameters. Educating the patient to take charge of food combining and food choices is an important part of the weight management program.

The entire focus of the testing and suggested therapy from IHS is based on measurable and objective tests to identify potential problems. Comprehensive testing identifies issues and also provides suggestions for management of the underlying issues.

Learn more about weight management solution by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have additional questions concerning the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the center at the following location.

Company Name: Integrated Health Systems
Address: 3550 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 315, San Jose, CA 95117
Contact Telephone Number: (408) 770-7010
Email: [email protected]


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