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Idea Auction Attracts International Interest

Press release March 12, 2010 Business

An online auction has attracted bidders from across the globe despite offering nothing more tangible than a “Great Idea”.

The eventual winner of the eBay lot will win a consultation with creative consultant Shed Simove – author of the bestselling memoir Ideas Man.

He will come up with a shortlist of five ideas for the winner and help them turn their favourite into a life changing reality.

Almost 300 people had viewed the item at the time of writing, and five had placed bids, including prospective purchasers in Australia and the Ukraine.

Bidding began at one pound but has already soared to £26 and there is plenty of time for more bids before the auction closes on Sunday afternoon.

The item is listed for sale in eBay’s “Anything else” category as simply, “One Great Idea, brand new, delivery included.”

In his listing for the item London-based Mr Simove, a successful entrepreneur, product designer and television producer, writes: “A great idea can enhance your life or business. Ideas have the power to do so much - they can move people, take you on incredible adventures or even make you rich.  

“I have a proven track record of both thinking up highly successful ideas and also implementing them effectively. I've also written the best-selling book 'IDEAS MAN' which chronicles my true life stories of success (and failure) - and contains secrets for getting anything you desire.

Mr Simove adds that the winner of the item can use the idea in whatever way they see fit. The idea could take the form of a new business product, a truly original gift for a loved one, a new marketing strategy, a concept for a music video, a party theme for an event, a way to secure a dream job, or even something simple like what to have for lunch.

Speaking yesterday Mr Simove said he was looking forward to meeting the winner and making a real difference to their lives with his idea.

He said: “Ideas are the most valuable commodities in the world so why shouldn’t I sell one on eBay?

“It really doesn’t matter who wins or what kind of idea they require. A great idea is a great idea and I’m confident mine will make a real difference for someone out there.

“I think selling a “Great Idea” on eBay is a great idea. I’m amazed no one has had this idea before. The best ideas are often the most simple.” 


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