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ICETEXT- the UK’s First Emergency Text Service.

Press release March 5, 2012 Health

One Message can save lives

Launched by The ID Band Company, ICETEXT is the UK’s first emergency service text messaging service that will save people’s lives.

The idea behind the text messaging service is that when someone is in need of medical assistance, but is unable to explain what is wrong with them; their medical ID jewellery will be engraved with a membership code and a number for the paramedics to text. Within a few seconds a summary of the person’s medical details will be send directly, by text message, to the paramedic’s mobile phone. A special link to a mobile optimised web page which gives more details about the patient is also included.

These details will enable the emergency services to correctly and quickly diagnose and care for a patient.

How does it work?

If you suffer from a medical condition such as asthma, heart problems or diabetes then you could be at risk of suffering an attack. If you are out and about alone and you find yourself in need of the emergency services, you may be unable to talk to them to describe what is wrong with you. They could then spend the first vital minutes trying to diagnose what is wrong with you.

If you subscribe to ICETEXTyour medical info will be stored in a database. We will then send you a code which can be engraved on to your medical jewellery; there will be a number to text along with the code. This will then send the paramedic your medical details over 3 text messages and a link to a mobile optimised site.

The text messages are designed to save more vital seconds when paramedics respond to an emergency. Giving the paramedics instant access to your medical information could be the difference between life and death.