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I Can Help Anybody Get The Care They Are Entitled To – Despite All The Bureaucracy

Press release May 28, 2009 Health

These incredibly powerful words come from Hampshire based George Baker, the UKs leading authority on health and social care assessment and the publisher of the soon to be released book “The Complete Insider’s Guide to British Health and Social Care: How to Secure The Perfect Care Package!”. George asserts the vast majority of people who are entitled to, or in receipt of, health and social care are completely in the dark as to how the process of assessment works and therefore what they are entitled to by law.

Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, UK, May 27, 2009 - "The process of assessment for health and social care is currently very confusing and convoluted, the only way to make sure you get what you are entitled to is to work out what you should get yourself and then keep fighting until it is given to you...I know this from personal experience.", says George Baker.

If you interview George Baker about his new book, here's what he'll be able to tell your audience:

• How to ascertain your eligibility for support. ("Do this and you've won half the battle" says George.)
• How to present your ‘case'. ("Your line of argument can be the difference between a yes and a no" says George.)
• The enormous mistake most people make that can cost them the chance to get support they are entitled to.
• The five basic services people can be offered.
• The two sources of funding for health and social care and how they differ.
• Why knowing who pays for what is essential.
• How things were until recently ("this is still relevant and you'll find out why" says George). 
• How things are now and why they are different.
• The simple word that epitomises what one needs to get the perfect care package. ("...without which failure is certain" says George).

Mr. Baker is available for interview, articles and the right speaking engagements and can be contacted on 02380906140. An 18 year old university student from Hampshire, George has written the comprehensive, insider's guide to the UK's Health and Social Care System. Entitled ‘The Complete Insider's Guide to British Health and Social Care: How to Secure the Perfect Care Package!', this unique book explains, from start to finish, the process of obtaining the help ill and vulnerable people are entitled to receive, something which has NEVER been done before. George was recently interviewed on a BBC radio station about his book and experiences getting care. A copy of the book is available for review on request. For FREE info on getting health and social care, visit George's blog at