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HR technology intensifies competition for job applicants

Press release June 15, 2016

Entelo CEO John Bischke recently announced that self-learning algorithms or 'robo recruiters' are becoming better than human recruiters at analysing CV data. This paradigm shift in recruitment processes pronounces the importance of uniqueness in CV credentials and career achievements.


This recent technological advancement will turn several HR processes upside down in the future. Not only do 'robo recruiters' process applications faster and more accurately, but they also measure employee performance which can be fed back into the algorithm for future profiling. Bischke denotes that the goal is not to tell who to hire, but to tell which five people to bring in for the interview.

Nevertheless, this recent advancement intensifies rivalry and competition for the dream job in an already heavily populated job market. Success and achievements are pivotal when searching for your next career step and recent technological advancements are a testament to this. One way to make sure you stay ahead of the curve is through personal and professional growth. Probana's Mini MBA (equals 15 ECTS) grants you a Certificate of Business Administration and ensures both professional and personal growth through our well-rounded curriculum. After having completed our Mini MBA, your CV will instantly get the attention of 'robo recruiters' and your recent development will be evident when you get invited to the interview.

The Mini MBA consists of 6 core topics which will ensure both personal and professional growth e.g. HR, Psychology, Leadership, Business Development and Strategy. All are topics that are directly applicable to business settings in your organisation. Be sure to continuously update your CV and your competences to be able to keep up with competition and technology.

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