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How To Take Care Of Your Door Handles

Press release March 22, 2012 Homes & Gardens

It may seem like an unusual thing to ask however, door handles and door knobs are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. With the press and media pushing us to be more aware of hygiene, it is increasingly evident that door handles are probably one of the most used accessories in the house and therefore need to be cleaned more often.

Brass Antique Door Handles

Door handles are one of the most used things in a home however, are overlooked when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. They are one of the major areas where infections and bugs can breed and be transferred to another human being.

As there are so many different materials that door handles and door knobs are made out of, it all depends on what kind of door furniture you have chosen to have in your home as to how it should be cleaned. 

Brass door handles- Most brass door handles have been coated with a clear lacquer to protect them, even though they are made from different types of brass.  Looking after your brass door handles is simple and one of the easiet door handles or door knobs to look after.  Using a soft cloth and warm water regularly clean the surface an this will ensure that they are clean, using a wax polish on the door handle once a week will bring the shine back to life and keep them looking like new.

Chrome door handles-  Satin brushed steel, matt, chrome or polish chrome; they are all easy to clean, just use a specialised cloth that is available from most supermarkets or you can maintain them by just using a soft clean cloth and a little wax polish.

Stainless steel door handles- stainless steel whatever your hardware, is one of the hardest ones to keep shiny and new, however is one of the most substainable materials to choose as it will last a lifetime.  Fingerprints show up easily and it is quite evident when the door handle needs a once over.  A good way is to use soapy water to clean, dry with a clean cloth and then wipe with a baby wipe, this will bring your stainless steel door handle back to being shiny and new.

Taking care of your door handles and cleaning them on a regular basis, not only keeps them looking great, it also ensures that they last a lot longer which, in turn saves money in the long run.

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