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How to Spot a Cheating Partner

Press release August 8, 2011 Family

Being in a situation where you suspect that your partner is cheating is a stressful time of mixed emotions and uncertainty, nobody wants to be in this position, however it does happen and it is always better to find out the truth in the long run than just brushing any suspicions, whether true or false, under the carpet.

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Emotionally and physically, the stress of having suspicions that your partner maybe be cheating will take its toll in the short, mid and long term, for this reason being able to spot some tell tales signs of a cheating partner could prove invaluable.

A few Signs of How to Spot a Cheating Partner include:

• Loosing interest in the relationship and becoming distant

You may be married, engaged or just long term partners, it is easy when you know somebody very well to tell when their behaviour and enthusiasm towards your relationship changes. A common sign in infidelity is that the suspected partner may start to become distant from you, not engage in conversation, become more self focused and appear self absorbed in their own daily life whilst not paying attention to your life as a couple.

• Anger, Cruelty and Unfair Criticism

It is worth remembering in cases of cheating partners that both parties do suffer emotionally and the behaviour of the partner who is having an affair will more often than not be increasingly affected. Often the offending partner may start to aim unfair criticism at their partner, it could be appearance, the way you dress or just totally out of the norm comments that put you down. Loosing temper for no apparent reason is another behavioural change that can lead to both emotional and physical abuse simply because they are not happy in the relationship but do not know how to end it ethically and honestly, so choose to take it out on their partner.

• Changes in daily routine and work patterns

Perhaps the most tell tale sign of a cheating partner is a major change in their daily routines and working hours. Many people have reported that their unfaithful partner began to say they were working away more frequently, taking extra shifts and generally straying from their previous set in stone work routine. It is not just working life that may change, the times that the suspected cheating partner carries out certain duties such as going for walks alone, exercising or going for drives may increase.

• Changes to self appearance and increased vainness

Unfortunately most relationships do lose that initial excitement and spark of the first few months and years together when both partners are over keen to impress the other with their physique, appearance and dress sense. Overtime long term relationships become a routine of some sort however faithful the partnership may be, this ties in with each partner becoming more comfortable with each others self appearance and being in a comfort zone of not having to try to constantly impress.
As such if you notice your partner suddenly becomes interested in major lifestyle upheavals like the latest fashion, new clothes, changes to appearance such as haircut, personal grooming and fitness regimes, there is a good chance, unless they really are going all out to impress you that they may be playing away.

• Mannerism towards the opposite sex

Studies and research have shown that unfaithful partners tend to become more flirtatious towards the opposite sex in an almost single person type of attitude. Whereas before your partner may have only complimented you on your appearance or not dared to pass comment on the opposite sexes appearance and looks they may start to comment and pass remarks on a particular person who catches their attention without caring for the effect on you. It could be simple things like an increase in kissing, cuddling or interacting with the opposite sex that are introduced and were not previously present.

It is worth noting that not one or indeed all of the above scenarios or signs of how to spot a cheating partner necessarily prove either way whether or not your partner is cheating, however common sense tells us that major behavioural and daily routine changes are not part of the norm so are worth investigating.

If you do suspect your partner of cheating and you cannot speak to them about it, finding out the truth is imperative; contacting a specialist private investigator who can carry out a matrimonial investigations or relationship investigation will help prove either way if suspicions are correct or unfounded.

Insight Investigations offer a totally discreet, professional matrimonial and relationship investigation service with both male and female operative’s available if required to handle your enquiry. Please visit for more information on our services.

Of course, not all the signs explained here are positive signs of a cheating partner, they could indicate other traits brought about by pressure from work, financial problems or a multitude of possible cases. Insight Investigations will examine the matter for you discreetly and provide you with whatever the truth is and the evidence you need to make an informed decision.