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How to seal a hardwood floor

Press release March 27, 2012 Homes & Gardens

An easy way to seal a hardwood floor.

Step 1 Preparation

Preparation is key to getting the perfect finish to your wood floor. You will need to vacuum the floor thoroughly removing any dust or grit before you make a start. Once the floor is dust and dirt free, wipe with a tack cloth to pick up any remaining dust and dirt.

Step 2 First coat

The next step is to apply a penetration stain using a paint roller  or Hamilton Acorn Super Contractor Paint Brush. Follow the grain of the wood and try to apply as even coating as possible. Products such as Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish are perfect for the job; they protect high traffic floor areas which are prone to high abrasion, such as dance floors, bar tops and hallways. Sadolin is extremely hard wearing, offering excellent protection for floors that experience lots of foot traffic. This heavy duty varnish provides a surface that rarely scuffs or scratches.

Step 3

Allow 2 hours to ensure the floor is completely dry, then carefully denib the first coat using a fine grade, nylon abrasive pad in the direction of the grain before overcoating. Remember to not break through the surface coating as this will result in a poor, uneven finish.

Step 4

To prepare for step 4, ensure the floor surface is smooth and free from dust and dirt. It may be advisable to complete the surface within a period of time when it is not in use, this will reduce the risk of damage to the floor within the sealing process.

To ensure the floor is dry, allow around an hour or 2 between all subsequent coatings, this will provide you with the optimum flooring surface ready for extra coats if required.  

All manufactures provide individual instructions for the use of their products.  Take the time to read the instructions provided as there may be variations between steps and handy tips to ensure you achieve the optimum result. Examples of such variations include lengths of time between coats.  If you follow the steps correctly then you will be left with a fantastic looking floor that will last for many years to come.


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