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How to obtain Wholesale Dealer's Licence for Pharmaceutical Products in the UK

Press release April 20, 2009 Business

This ebook by a Regulatory Affairs consultancy based in the UK is the most comprehensive guide to help you understand the legal requirements and how to navigate through the process of obtaining your wholesale licence successfully

It's a fact that there is an emerging trend toward self-reliance and consumers are increasingly comfortable managing their own healthcare needs. It is accepted that while there is no substitute for visiting the doctor, more and more of us are taking control of minor medical problems with safe, reliable over-the-counter (OTC) medications. And in some cases it is cheaper to purchase these medications over-the-counter than with a prescription from the doctor.

Here are some simple facts to give you an insight of self care and the self-medication industry, taken from The Proprietary Association of Great Britain:

  • The current value of the UK over-the-counter (OTC) market is £2.3 billion.
  • In 2007, people bought over 976 million packsof OTC medicines to treat themselves, compared with 873 million prescriptions.
  • People find OTC medicines effective and prove it by buying the same products time and again.
  • The ingredients in OTC medicines are well established with well known safety profiles. They have often been on the market for as long as 60-100 years. OTC medicines are regularly reviewed to ensure they continue to be used responsibly for self care and self-medication.
  • The top 10 minor ailments are responsible for 75% of consultation costs and 85% of prescription costs, amounting to £1.62 billion.

Topics covered in this ebook...

  • What are the DIFFERENT TYPES of Wholesale Licences
  • The OBLIGATIONS of the Licence Holder
  • The ROLE of the Responsible Person  
  • The KEY Standard Operating Procedures
  • How to PREPARE for an Inspection
  • How to IDENTIFY counterfeit products and what action to take  

        ...and much more!

Who should purchase this ebook...

  • You want to trade as a pharmaceutical Wholesale Dealer in the UK
  • You want to act as the Responsible Person
  • You want to gain an understanding of the wholesale and distribution operations in the UK
  • You want a comprehensive guide which is easy to understand and follow
  • You want an affordable guide which you can refer to at any time

The benefits of this ebook...

  • No expensive courses to attend
  • No travel required
  • Can be read with any Windows PC or Apple Mac, in the convenience of your own office  
  • No waiting for shipments or mail delivery
  • Easy to download
  • Easy to read
  • Can be printed for easy off-line reading

This ebook is produced by Alliance ERAS which specialises in providing Regulatory Affairs services in the UK and EEA countries. The company has been established for more than eight years and have provided regulatory support to major pharmaceutical companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Gilead Sciences.

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