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How to make your home more energy efficient and eco friendly at low cost.

Press release May 22, 2011 Energy & Environment

With the rising costs of energy bills and the growing awareness of reducing our carbon footprint; it is no wonder people are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient.


Making a home more energy efficient is the simplest way to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.  Turning sockets off, lights and not leaving appliances on standby is only the start to reducing the use of energy in homes.

Is your home keeping your heat in?

Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation can save you hundreds of pounds each year on energy bills and considerably reduce your carbon footprint.  Over 50% of homes throughout the year have a poorly insulated home which, means that most of their heat is escaping through the walls and the roof.  Also the Government has introduced the Warm Front Scheme that offers homes throughout the UK insulation grants to help towards the cost of installation.  If you are on certain benefits, the full cost will be covered however, even if you are earning most homeowners and private tenants are entitled to a partial grant.

Is you Boiler Energy Efficient?

60% of household bills are spent on heating your boiler, so it makes sense to have an energy fit boiler that reduces your carbon emmissions whilst reducing your energy bills.  Upto £225 can be saved each year by installing a new boiler that is more energy efficient.  Ensure that you contact a qualified installer with the correct accreditation as they will be able to assist you in choosing the right boiler for your home.

Is heat escaping through gaps in your walls?

Draught proofing is the answer; a qualified insulation installer will be able to fill gaps in window frames, under doors, letter boxes and even electric sockets.  As draught proofing is part of making your home more energy efficient, the Government also offer grants to have your home installed with Draught Proofing.

Has your hot water tank got the right jacket on?

Just by having a professionally how water tank jacket can save you up to £35 a year on energy bills.  A massive 75% of heat is lost from your hot water tank if it is not insulated correctly.  A hot water tank jacket has to be at least 3inch thick in order to save 75% of your heat and ensure that your boiler is not over working to keep your water hot.

Fit Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panelsare becoming a popular choice for homes throughout the UK, especially since the introduction of the FIT scheme whereby you can sell your energy used or not back to the National Grid.  By installing Solar PV panels, you are making a dramatic environmental statement whilst earning atax free income of up to £1,639 per year.

Just by making small changes to our homes like installing Cavity Wall Insulation or bigger projects like installing Solar PV, you can really make a difference to your energy billsand carbon emissions.




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